The artificial intelligence in our lives has circulated and is still a developing innovation. They help complete tasks for humans in jobs that we see as dangerous or too complex to complete on our own. Also, the purpose is to help save us time, so we don’t have to complete them ourselves. We have plans in the future and we would hope they could end up like our ideas in our culture today. When we use AI more often in different situations with it, we would have to go beyond what we have now.

In five years in the future we would have advanced in a bunch of tasks that shows well efficiency, artificial intelligence would be the greater difference in our perspective, we would want to learn how we could make such a thing happen. We have progressed so far that even the process can be easier and much faster than before so it could be even better than we think it could be. In how complex the machinery we would be willing to make will help our development with many other sciences to advance our society. To add onto that we might be getting into the age where we could be using the ideas of what our future that lies ahead and how our culture would adjust to this idea.

To make these changes we would want the knowledge of anything possible for tasks that we could trust in machines to help us do so. As such as biology in humans and animals to identify blood, organism, species, and many more aspects in living beings. It could be more beneficial to the human eye if one could not identify in time to save a person’s life and what if we could only put our hands only into the AI to help with the job for us instead. To use AI more in biology would be helpful for better survival to search for bacteria and infections to treat and find ways to fight these conditions.

Mobility is still a big way from automated cars to drive people from one place to the other, but then it still risks for hackers to take control. What if there was a way for artificial intelligence to keep hackers out than having people monitor the systems for machines. In due time that will be more improved and monitored by AI as we know it. It could help protect delivery drones for amazon and for other companies who decide this method, protects the products needed to be delivered on time and safely. It can be used for any other type of machinery if hackers do plan to attack with hacks and use that ability for their own. There is also entertainment or if you didn’t want to keep a child or friend alone, sure it might not be as human but it’s for the people’s sanity and kept emotions in check. It would help with education value and make a good time for other folks. It could help families and schools to give the children to use their time wisely and the adults some leeway to have breaks than teaching on their own.

These are some examples on what artificial intelligence would function in the future but hardly breaks the surface of a new era. AI is a valuable tool to help mankind for the world and with many fascinations what we could achieve. It would be a new era leading people the right path and live easier lives than now.

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I am a computer science professor. Being a tech enthusiast I keep close tabs on trends and will be glad to share and discuss the latest wrapups in the field with the community.