If you plan to move from home, and rent your own place, then you may have to decide if you will rent a furnished or non-furnished apartment. Your friends may know that you want to move, and they offered to help you search the right home for you, but they need to know what type of apartment they should look for. Sometimes it is not as easy as it may seem to decide, because you have to check the benefits of both options.

If you are a student, then you may find furnished apartments as a great choice. Furnished apartments are the best choice for the people who want to move from a place to another, because they do not have to move furniture. If you want to choose the furniture items, then the best option for you would be to rent an unfurnished dwelling. It does not matter what your final decision will be, here are some things you should know before making your choice.


What exactly will you find there when you will move?

You do not need an explanation of what every one of the terms means. But it is important to know what you will find there when you will move, according to the real estate market. When it comes to a furnished house you should expect to find there big items like kitchen appliances, wardrobes, sofas and beds. There are owners who choose to invest in their apartments before listing them on rent, so all you will have to do in this case is to move your personal things. Other owners prefer to offer you the possibility to add a personal touch to the space, and they bring only the main items. If you will move into an unfurnished apartment you will have to be prepared to see only the bare walls, because there will be nothing else to use.

How much should you expect to pay?

There is no surprise that you will have to pay more for a furnished apartment. When the landlords establish the price, they have to consider multiple aspects. For a furnished apartment, they have to make sure that the sum will cover the furniture and it will protect them in case you damage the property. Depending on the amount of furniture you need and the duration of your stay you will have to decide what price suits you better. Do not forget to compare the cost of buying your own furniture items if you want to opt for an unfurnished house.

Is it so important for you to personalize the apartment?

You will probably find durable furniture in an already furnished apartment, because landlords want to make sure that it will last in time. If you are a student, and you can pause your interior designing skills for a period, then you should consider the option of renting an already furnished apartment. If you want to use your creative flair, then you should opt for one that offers you the possibility to work with a blank canvas.

Are you looking for a functional space?

If you are not a picky person, then you will find a great idea to check the furnished apartment rentals Calgary, and it offers you moments of relaxation and comfort, from the first day. Yes, in a furnished apartment you will not bring your own furniture items and appliances, but you can still change the curtains, change the colour of the room, and hang wall art. If you are a functional person, you will have no issues to adapt to these conditions. But if you know that you will not feel comfortable seeing things you do not like around, then you should opt for an unfurnished dwelling.


Consider the replacement costs

In case you want to rent a furnished house, then you should know that in case you damage the furniture or other items from inside the house you will have to pay for replacing them. The renting contract may say that the damaged items will be replaced by the landlord, but there are certain cases when the landlord pays for things that are not functional anymore. In case there are damaged things the owner may have an opinion different than yours, and they may ask you money even if you stain the couch. In case you are the type of person who likes to host parties, and ask your friends come by often, then you should consider the option of renting an unfurnished property. If you rent a furnished apartment, you will pay for everything that is damaged outside the normal wear and tear.  It is recommended to check if the landlord has insurance for the furniture items, in case they do not, you should consider having one to reduce the replacement costs.

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