Chemistry assignments can be fun in doing practical classes, but the theory part can be a hurdle. Here are some of the fun experiments that chemistry students can try in the lab. The article also highlights the challenges faced by students while solving the chemistry assignments.

Chemistry is a fun subject to study. There are varieties of fun things that students can do with chemistry assignment help. There are some assignments that students enjoy doing. Here is a list of such assignment that is every student’s favorites:-

1. Hot Ice

Sodium acetate reacts with the vinegar and baking soda and produces hot ice. A sodium acetate solution that is supercooled that turns it into the crystal on command. When it forms crystal, the heat evolves. Even though it resembles ice, it is hot.

2. Barking Dog

The experiment sounds fun things to do. An exothermic reaction between nitrogen monoxide or nitrous oxide and carbon disulfide is known as Chemiluminescent reaction. This takes place in a tube emitting blue light with the famous “Woof” sound.

3. Elephant Tooth

The reaction between peroxide and potassium iodide shoots a column of foam. This is white and affectionately termed the Elephant Tooth. Adding food color to it, you can get customized toothpaste for different color themes. This experiment is also recommended by providers of chemistry assignment help online for students.

These were a few experiments that bring a smile on student’s faces. It is always fun doing such creative things in the laboratory, but chemistry is not only about fun experiments. The critical part of these assignments is to pen down them well. There are plenty of students who are able to score full marks when it comes to practice exams. But often fail when it comes to theory.
The reasons why drafting a chemistry assignment is not as fun

Here are a few reasons why they are not able to break the ice when it comes to assignment writing:-

i. Students are often insecure when it comes to language. Writing assignment content requires good command on grammar and nits and bits of the language.

ii. Most students are not aware of the pattern of writing the report. It makes them lose their marks for technical error.

iii. Some students face problems in the presentation of their assignments. The presentation matters a lot. It gives the first impression of your assignment.

iv. It is also essential to write the content in a balance. Students also face problems in maintaining word count and follow the guidelines.

The best ways to solve these problems are to consult with your teachers. Also, you can discuss it amongst your friends. Proper research on the internet can also help them to counter the challenge successfully. If nothing works in your favor, then you can choose to do my homework online. Some professionals will do the assignment on your behalf.

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