Take your “living” outside. In other words, make a living room outside the house. The patio is the place where you can relax outside the house. It is also infinitely better than your living room because of the fresh air of the outdoors. So how do you make your patio become the best lounge area for you and your crew?

First things first, the essential: outdoor television with a reliable outdoor TV cover by Garnetics. There is no living room without a television, right? So what kind of patio do you have without a reliable flat screen TV? You have to make sure, though, that you actually have an outdoor television and not a regular one that you just take outside. An outdoor television is made differently—for one, it costs significantly more.

But for good reason: durability. A regular or indoor television is not made to withstand natural elements common outdoors. An outdoor television is made to contend with warm or cold weather conditions. Not that outdoor TVs wouldn’t need outside TV covers, because they do, but they are just made to be more tolerant of the ever-changing weather.

Another difference between the regular and outdoor television is the brightness. An indoor television is manufactured and tested to fit the indoor environment, which means TV companies considered the four walls of the home plus the roof in making the entertainment equipment. In other words, manufacturers considered a more dim background when making indoor televisions. On the other hand, outdoor television was made with the natural light of the outdoors as main consideration.

Go big or go home: Outdoor TVs should be large and so should the patio TV covers

The outside world is limitless. Go outside and look around—there are no limits to one’s imaginations as there is no roof to stunt growth and there are no walls to constrict the sight. So get a large television—55 inches at least. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the LED, LCD, plasma television, as long as it is large and of great quality. You also have to find the right wall mounts for your TV screens to prevent untoward accidents like your flat screen falling off the wall.
And as mentioned, outdoor screens will need patio TV covers that will provide weatherproof protection. Find a TV cover made from heavy-duty material that will keep your boob tube dry during rainy season, and will protect it from extreme heat during summer. Reliable outside TV covers will also protect your plasma television from extreme cold. Not only that, you would want outdoor TV covers to protect your specialized television from dust and mildew. If you have small children, you might also want a cover with thin foam in the interior to prevent scratches. You never know, young children might be in the mood to play catch with just about anything and your television just happens to be in the way.

Now on to the next part: beautification. How do you make your patio the best living room in the house? Here are a few fun ideas.

Create a Zen garden

The main reason people should develop their patio is because of the fresh air. Breathing fresh air will do wonders for a person’s health. Not only that feeling the wind in your face is also better for your sanity. A Zen garden will only heighten the fresh air that nature provides and it will allow you to relax better. Relaxing amid a beautiful backdrop is therapeutic. A Zen garden will also give you an opportunity to meditate in a natural space.

So what do you need to create a Zen garden? The original Zen garden is a dry landscape of rocks and gravel strategically located in order to epitomize their symbolisms for islands and mountains. However, throughout the years, the Zen garden has evolved to actually include a real garden of plants and flowers. This will include a lot of maintenance activities, though, as the shrubs or topiaries that will be included in the design will have to be regularly pruned.

Or you can choose to surround your patio with simple plants that don’t need a lot of maintenance like the bonsai or cactus. You don’t actually need to follow the original design for a Zen garden because you are just making this for yourself. The most important factors here are that you have a patio garden that will provide fresh air and splashes of colors that will eventually provide you and your guests a Zen-type of relaxation.

Create a home on your patio with comfortable couches, throw pillows

You can’t lounge or relax without fluffy things that give you maximum comfort. And you can’t succeed with making a living room in your patio without a great sofa set. Just like the television, make sure you choose an outdoor furniture set. You don’t want to buy a couch set every season just because the weather destroyed the last one. If you do want to upgrade your patio look every season, do so with your accessories like throw pillows and lamps. You can match your throw pillow cases with the season and with the flowers in bloom from your patio garden. Colors will make you happy and will provide a vibrant patio look. And when you provide a happy and vibrant design, you are bound to have guests who will feel exactly the same.

Heat makes the patio look hot!

Wherever you are, chilly nights are always bound to happen. It is best if you are prepared for it. If you live in a place where winters are to be expected, then you might want a more permanent heat provider in place like a fireplace or a heater. But if you live in a more-or-less tropical place, a patio fire bowl will do the trick. This is a large marble bowl where you can put small pieces of logs to make fire. You can also use electric heaters that are designed to look like living room accessories such as the floor-standing heater that looks like a lamp, hanging heaters that could double as a chandelier and wall-mounted heaters that look like wall designs.

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The other advantage is that they are very easy to clean and sanitize. The good thing is that majority of the versions come with microwavable steam bags and wipes to make the cleaning and sanitizing process easy.