Here we are discussing the most popular hair transplant method that is called Follicular Unit Extraction. This process is done by taking individual hair follicles from your skin and moving them to another part of your body where the hair’s thinner or absent. Follicular Unit Extraction has become more popular than the follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedure which led to the “hair plugs” look. FUE maintains much higher success rates across the board than other techniques, though. Most reputable surgeons report FUE hair restoration success rates of more than 90% making it one of the most effective and promising options for patients facing thinning hair or hair loss.
Before beginning rough indication the patient's original hairline marked on the skin. Patients sedated and comfortable. The final hairline marked in ink and the scalp is cleaned. A small amount of anesthetic is placed using a needless injector making the process of anesthetizing the scalp relatively painless. The fluid is injected under the skin (tumescence) to separate follicles from one another and their underlying blood vessels (to reduce bleeding) and the surface of the donor skin is flattened with a roller to ensure consistency the donor strip of skin containing the hair follicles is painlessly removed. The wound is cleaned and the patient is ready to have his recipient sites created the donor wound is almost immediately undetectable. Hairline design is checked and the direction of hair growth is confirmed before recipient sites are created. Custom prepared blades are measured to perfectly match graft length and width and the process of recipient site creation begins. Every single incision made to replicate the extract angle, direction, and rotation that the original follicular units followed as they emerged from the skin. Thousands of incisions are made to accommodate each of the grafts that have been prepared, the grafts are kept on moist telfa pads and on ice to prevent desiccation (drying out) and finally, the grafts are placed, one by one, each into its own recipient site. After the whole procedure, the patient is relaxed and comfortable. The recipient site will look a little red for a few days but the donor site is almost undetectable immediately after the procedure.

• The main advantage of Follicular Unit Extraction is it is less invasive (less painful, less swelling). So this procedure is more comfortable for patients.
• This hair transplant has a faster recovery time and less overall complication that’s why more and more surgeons are moving towards FUE.
• The second main advantage is launce cherry-picking of hair because in FUT procedure this is bound to utilize the hair in that strip there are sudden hair which is thin, not suitable for a hair transplant when you use Follicular Unit Extraction selectively leave the hair which is single or thin hair if the person wants not to be used grey hair you can leave them which is not possible in FUT.
• The third main advantage is overall scaring is minimal FollicularUnit Extraction is not a scarless procedure it does very small tiny dots if done correctly, if the person wants short hair then he takes them easily without any hesitation.
If something has benefits on the other hand we can see the side effects too. Now we discuss some common side effects of Follicular Unit Extraction:
• Side effects can be temporary or permanent pain, swelling and numbness can be there for few days pain may persist for a week there can be swelling on the eyes swelling usually subsides after 4-5 days slight numbness may persist for a longer period.
• Follicular Unit Extraction is a painful treatment but this is temporary and seen 2-3rd month period numbness is also temporary and no intervention is required.
• There can be the boil formation in the recipient and donor area this is just because of ingrowing hair and settles down on its own.
• Shock hair loss is reversible and no need to worry fall of existing hair is increased when hair is planted between them.
There can be some permanent side effects of Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant.
• Scaring can be the serious side effect of the hair transplant in FUE you can have tiny scars everywhere.
• Loss of donor area is the most serious complication it can be seen due to poor graft survival rate.
• Unnatural or ugly-looking hairline is a permanent side effect of hair transplant the hairline is fixed for a lifetime.
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