What started as a university lecture course has evolved into an affordable do-it-yourself course designed to make everyone "from stay-at-home moms and dads to administrative assistants to MBAs to CEOs" more valuable to their company in the form of The Complete Speed Reading Program.

The Complete Speed Reading Program, Family Edition, contains four books (available both as a PDF download and "if desired" in print):

Speed Read in Only One Hour teaches the basic techniques and has multiple reinforcement exercises. If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster is specifically designed for children. It is written at a third-grade reading level to help give young brains the best chance to re-learn how to read. It also teaches the basic techniques of the program. Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading is essential for anyone looking to go to college or go back to school. Focusing on concentration, note taking, and recall, this book will help students wade through the millions of words that need to be read each semester and give them time to not only finish their studies, but also to have a social life.

Think Right is a book not on speed reading, but as SpeedRead America takes a holistic approach to everything we do "helps one develop one's own self-power and provides an ethical viewpoint on technology" Think Right focuses on learning to help set your thoughts on what you want and then accomplish whatever that might be.

In addition to the books, the Complete Speed Reading Program includes a dozen audio files designed to be listened to at any time "during a commute, during "down time" at work, or even during sleep" to buttress not only the speed reading, but the other topics covered in the books. Some of the audio files supplement the speed reading program while others cover reading comprehension, accelerated learning skills, memory enhancement and intuitive development. Others take on a more spiritual bent, offering tips and conditioning to aid in relaxation and stress relief, developing self confidence and self power, and eliminating the inner negative dialogue.

The Speed Read Complete books and courses have been sold all over the world, and have been translated into six major world languages. Developed by Dr. Jay Polmar, an expert in the fields of self-improvement, continuing education and self-growth, The Complete Speed Read Program for Families boasts a success rate unheard of in its industry and offers a full money back guarantee that you will be reading noticeably and significantly faster in only 21 days.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Polmar was an instructor of Be Dynamic with Speed Reading, at 9 colleges and universities from Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. He's offering to you his rapid learn method to produce your own paper in 10 days or less. Enjoy! www.speedread.org