There is one question that I get asked fairly often, and that is… so what does it FEEL like to have taken the jump AWAY from the 9-5 corporate world and into being your own boss and living the entrepreneurial lifestyle?

I just LOVE this question, and today I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how that feels!

It feels like I’m alive!

Now I’m going to expand a bit more on that, but before I do, let me just quickly tell you what MY experience was when I was STUCK in a soul-sucking job searching for a deeper purpose, and a way to truly my share my unique gifts and skills with the rest of the world.

I was not only bored, I actually felt like my soul was slowly dying. I would come home from work every single day, sit in the same comfy chair in the corner of the room and watch the SAME episodes of Charmed and Friends, over and over again… I even ate the same dish every single day (rye pasta with veggies and cheese… OMG I will NEVER make that dish again!)…. I felt like a broken record that just kept repeating the same few tones over and over again…

And when I closed my eyes and attempted to look at my soul I would see an old, withered man inside a turtle shell.

I won’t go into how I quit my job and how I made that decision and so forth, that is for another video, but let me tell you about the different phases of feelings that I went through…

So the day I quit my job I was filled with elation! Like I was on top of the world, and ready to conquer so to speak.

Now I still had two months left in my job after I handed in my resignation.. and after the elation began to fade and I still had to face the reality of pulling myself to work… and so I moved into self-criticism, with thoughts such as ‘gosh, you are so weak that you had to give up your job because you couldn’t handle the pressure, or wow you are a crappy friend for leaving all your co-workers behind, and questions such as will I ever find happiness in work again?

And this actually went on for a looong time, it took A LOT of healing work to move past the guilt of having done something that is seen by society as outside the norm… in Denmark, the country where I am from and living in at the time, WHAT you do defines your identity. If you are unemployed you are considered someone who is lazy and trying to reap the system… so collective consciousness was also something I felt I was dealing with at the same time.

So we’ve got elation, then self-criticism and now we are moving on to next stage which was fear… I just want to tell you that we are moving to the good stuff RIGHT after this one…

Once I had figured out what my unique gifts and skills were and once I had understood what it was I truly wanted to do, ALL of my fears came rushing to me. I actually remember having sleepless nights about being killed or people throwing tomatoes at me… Now, just to put things in perspective I went from a programme manager job in a global non-profit organisation to becoming a full-time psychic coach… I mean talk about inconventient shift!

But I was SO scared about what people would think about me, if I would lose my legitimacy, if people would hate me and think I was stupid and unintelligent and so forth, and this lasted a good couple of months actually!

And here comes the good part! This period was like personal-development on speed! I moved past my fears at LIGHTNING speed, because I had no other choice! I HAD to face them and move past them in order to get to where I am now, and that is the feeling of empowerment, freedom, strength, courage, and like I can make anything happen.

Moving onto the other side of fear, once you have moved THROUGH your fears, and you become like a rock!! I feel now, very solid in my own self-confidence, and I know that nothing is going to get me down, because I know how to walk through the craziest and most irrational of fears.

So to those of you who are contemplating taking the jump from corporate and into the freedom-based entrepreneurial, purpose-driven lifestyle… be ready for soulful transformation… be ready for a complete metamorphosis, leaving the small doubtful you behind and moving into strength, empowerment and unstoppable self-confidence!

Author's Bio: 

Mette Muller helps female spirit-preneurs who are struggling to find their passion and gifts, identify how to make a great impact in the world and get paid in the process.
As an Intuitive Coach, Mette uses her intuitive abilities to identify your unique gifts and skills, help you manage your energy, as well as guide you in releasing your own sabotaging patterns, so that you too can make a huge difference in the world, and live a juicy, abundant lifestyle on YOUR terms.