Why would you want to change from introvert to extrovert? Obviously, it's tough being an introvert. You'll feel shy and awkward. You'll find it hard to approach strangers and introduce yourself. You'll feel awkward in social situations.

Being an introvert sure can complicate your life. Your performance in school, your job and career, your relationship with friends and co-workers - these can all suffer.

Transformation, though, is easier than it sounds. Here are four easy steps to change from introvert to extrovert.

Step 1: Realize That You Can Change.

Being an introvert is a learned behavior, a process, a habit. But it's not a life sentence. It’s not genetic, but a result of faulty programming as you were growing up.

To change from introvert to extrovert, the first thing you have to do is to acknowledge the fact that you are an introvert; then recognize that you can change to an extrovert with the right attitude and determination.

Step 2: Find Out The Cause.

Again, emphasis on the fact that no one is born shy. There’s usually a pattern that leads to your introvert behavior. What triggers it? Is it a thing, a person, or situation? What makes you uncomfortable?

Whatever makes you lose your confidence, it’s important that you know it so you can beat it.

Step 3: Prepare And Practice.

On your own, simulate a situation that you find awkward, then think of how you can walk yourself through it. Think of different scenarios and then make strategies on how you can deal with them.

Practicing helps prepare you and builds your self-esteem little by little. Even when you fake it at first, eventually you will make it.

Step 4: Believe

Anyone who believes he or she is an introvert will really become one. Thinking that way won’t help you at all. Instead, believe that you can change from introvert to extrovert.

Our beliefs make up our reality - what we believe becomes so. Remember, you are in control. You can be a confident, self-assured and charming person - you just have to believe it!

Sometimes, being an introvert can be a crutch. Being too quiet and shy stops you from doing the things you want. It stunts your emotional and social development.

Don’t restrict yourself to your comfort zone; help yourself grow. Making the change from introvert to extrovert will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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