Safe cam girl sites exploded in 2020, both in viewership and available models. From humble beginnings to fundamental phenomenon- cam sites are here to stay.

The webcam has such a peculiar beginning. For as widely versatile and ubiquitous as they are nowadays. From chatting with your boss over the thousandth Zoom meeting you’ve had today, to your end of day stress relieving session with MissKitty6 on CamSoda. Those who created the webcam could have hardly imagined that their device would become a staple in the world of technology and communication. In fact, the first webcam was invented to watch a coffee machine. Yes, you read that correctly, the brilliant, futuristic minds at University of Cambridge had one thing on their mind that fateful day: to figure out that their coffee was ready. The coffee maker was an indispensable item for a team of technology fanatics working in the United Kingdom, where Dr Quentin Stafford-Fraser, together with Dr Paul Jardetzky, devised a way to babysit their jug of joe with the sole purpose of not needing to move.

How very 2021 of them. Despite it’s incredibly humble, and delightfully lazy, beginnings- this little device that we all know and love, came to revolutionize communication between people from different parts of the world. Like the live video conferencing platforms we loathe, the new modality of entertainment for adults that sites like RecommendedCams go over with a fine-tooth comb, and, for better or worse, keeping us in contact with our loved ones when travel isn’t an option. The webcam should have been voted Person of the Year, 2020. Because it’s had society’s back far more than Joe Biden or Kamala Harris ever could.

Best Cam in Town

Of the hundreds of free webcam sites available, it’s important that you choose a safe cam girl site. One that protects both your proclivities, and your data. Luckily, with places like RecommendedCams taking a careful look at what we’re too lazy to- you don’t have to worry so much. Delving into the nitty-gritty of the internet’s hottest cam girl sites. Like CamSoda, for instance- one of their top recommended safe cam girl sites. Here, for free, you have access to a ton of excellent introductory feeds. Public live cameras, public chat rooms, and some of the artists' posed photos. Specifically, with CamSoda- you decide where your money and your data go. Which makes these types of sites even more gratifying that their base product can provide.

Using the website itself is also super simple. When you want to join, choose the login option from the main menu, from there you will be able to access the registration page. Registration is free (the page says that it always will be), all you have to do is add your username, password, and email, accept their terms and conditions, and you’re good to go. As soon as you have registered, you have instant access to a fair amount of content. Want more? Hit up the page to purchase tokens, with a ton of options for payment: credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and most others you can think of- yes, CamSoda even accepts cryptocurrencies. Tailor made for the cam viewer that wants to keep their payment as discreet as their fetishes.

You Want It? They’ve Got It

The CamSoda home page has a series of thumbnails showing the variety of hotties to choose from. Giving you a taster of what’s to come. The multitude of models is almost overwhelming, all in various states of dynamic poses and delightful undress. Something that while not relegated to CamSoda- these guys seem to have the whole “protect our customers, protect our income” thing figured out. And a safe cam girl site, is a good cam girl site. Which is one of the top reasons CamSoda is a choice site- everything they offer comes with an easy to use and incredibly slick user interface, coupled with the online security we all want. The CamSoda team not only assures a safe, fully private, environment, but also offers a great variety of artists and high-quality feeds that cater to just about every desire imaginable.

In closing- because I know that albeit horny- you are all decent people who love and support their artists- what really makes CamSoda on of the best, isn’t just the quality content it offers or the fact that is actually delivers on promises by actually offering free intent; Camsoda, proves that it supports its artists. It offers fair treatment to every model they host- by letting the artist choose their own fees and performances, thus valuing the time and effort that these bleeding-heart babes devote to their content and viewers. And a platform that takes care of its models is definitely a platform worth using.

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