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You have heard the terms "Business Intelligence" (BI), "Decision Support Tools", "Reporting".

All these terms mean the same thing, the set of solutions that provide organized and structured data to quickly and easily perform statistical analysis that will help make decisions for the business.

We can say that today all companies already have commercial management software, accounting, production management, customer relationship management or ERP. And that each of your computer applications contributes their share of statistics of all kinds.

Power BI Features:

Often in companies, many managers or department heads spend a considerable proportion of their time preparing weekly statistical analyzes by collecting data from various sources.

Provides consolidated data from different programs in a dedicated database. This data will always be organized to facilitate and speed up the analysis.

You spend less time getting your indicators and statistical analysis. You make decisions faster. Your employees are more efficient.

Make smart decisions with Power BI analytics
Did you know that our ability to access data and use it analytically can generate immediate benefits, both for us and for our companies? Microsoft Power BI is the business solution with which you can visualize and transform data and, most importantly, share information with all the departments of the organization, quickly, efficiently, and agilely.

Thanks to its intuitive dashboards you will have updated information in real-time, which you can consult at any time and in any place.

Power BI provides you with a 360º view of your company obtaining data from remarkably diverse sources such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 for sales, and others such as Mailchimp. With Power BI, organizational chaos has an end date. Do you dare to try it?

Power BI offers predictive analytics for better decision making, allowing users to extract useful information with which to solve business problems.

Create dashboard: No matter where your data is, Power BI turns it into reliable information with which to make the right decisions.

Share the information: Power BI lets you share content (dashboards, reports, and data sets) with all members of a team or department.

Anytime and anywhere: With Power BI apps for Windows, iOS, and Android, you can access your business data wherever you want.

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