Are you in the mood for a quick game that requires no downloading at all then
flash games or browser based games are for you. Flash games are designed to be
played in your web browser and require no technical or advanced computer skills
also flash based games cover all genres from arcade platform games, game shows,
and even pinball.

STEP ONE: Type into the address bar and Play Hub will
come up on the computer screen. The home page is pictured below.

STEP TWO: Type "Deal or No Deal" in the search box. The letters can be in upper
or lower case, it makes no difference. The Screen that comes up on the computer
should look like the screen pictured below. STEP THREE: Double Click "Deal or No Deal. The screen seen at the top of the
next page should come up.

STEP FOUR: Double click on the picture that reads” Click here to play".
STEP FIVE: Double click "play" on the next screen; pictured below. STEP SIX: Click “Deal” on the screen pictured at the bottom of this text, after the
opening animation and enjoy.

Author's Bio: 

Darleen Prangue has been playing online games since she was a little kid