If we could all sit down and be honest with ourselves, we would more than likely admit to the fact that at some point or another, we fantasized about adding an additional person into our monogamous relationship. This is not something you should feel ashamed of or embarrassed about, because having a fantasy about someone else, while we are in a relationship is normal. This is especially true for couples that have been together for several years, whose bedroom life may not be as exciting as it used to be. Statistics demonstrate that sexual boredom is one of the leading causes of divorces. As such, the whole concept of a foursome may not be so outlandish as it seems on the surface. Here are 3 ways a foursome can spice up your relationship.

Prolongs The Relationships And Keeps Your Sexual Relationship Exciting
As mentioned before, one of the leading causes of failed marriages is sexual boredom. No matter how you look at it, eventually you will not feel that level of excitement that you felt, when you and your partner initially started having sex. As such, you and/or your partner may be holding in your thoughts about another person. Over time, similarly to a pressure cooker, those suppressed emotions will continuously build up until that person reaches the breaking point and leaves. But by having an occasional foursome, it can help each person to release those thoughts and essentially prolong the relationship.

Allows Your Partner To Explore Sexual Fantasies That You May Not Be Comfortable With
One of the primary ways that a foursome can spice up a relationship, is if you or your partner have suppressed erotic ideas pertaining to certain sexual acts that you or your other partner may not feel comfortable with. For example, if your partner absolutely goes wild over anal for example, but you on the other hand may not like it and refuse to do it under any circumstances, that can eventually bring a certain degree of sexual frustration into the relationship. A foursome with 2 other people will give you and your spouse the opportunity to experiment and do other things to other people. This essentially eliminates any sexual frustration that may be building up due to an unfulfilled sexual fantasy of a certain type of position or fetish such as foot fetishes and BDSM/humiliation.

Adds Variety
Another way a foursome can spice up your life, is that said it simple terms, it will introduce some variety into the equation. Maybe you or your partner believe that size does matter, maybe you or your partner would like to experience different races and different build such as BBW, and fit. Ultimately, by partaking in a foursome, you will essentially be giving you and your partner the opportunity to introduce variety into the occasion.

Before you make a decision as to whether or not you should do a foursome, let me ask you one thing, do you watch the same kind of porn every single time ? Exactly, buy partaking in a foursome, not only can it strengthen and prolong the relationship, it gives you and your partner the opportunity to be satisfied in all areas pertaining to suppressed fantasies and pertaining to variety as well.

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