Team building events are fantastic ways to treat your employees while developing rapport between them. Team building exercises don’t always have to solely focus on telling each other five interesting things about yourself, it can also take the form of an outdoor or indoor activity. People often get to know each other more during a thrilling activity and there is no better way to build relationships in the office than organising an exciting team building event for everyone.

While planning a team building event, one thing to keep in mind before anything else is the accessibility of the activity for your team. Make sure your whole team can participate and don’t leave it to chance that nobody will be left out. Here are four places you can choose to host your team building event if you are based in Edinburgh.

Trampoline park

One place to consider holding a team building event in Edinburgh is a trampoline park. Out of the many parks available, Ryze is in a great location which might be best for the whole team if they’re coming from different parts of the city. Team building events no longer have to be boring with the number of activities available to do nowadays. As an employer, manager or supervisor, you do not want your co-workers choosing to show up to the event because it’s a day off work. You want to make sure they have fun and get to know each other in the process. Before considering the possibility of booking a trampoline park for your event, have a chat with the team and make sure everyone has the physical and mental capability to join in. Don’t leave anyone out (unless they want to be left out)!

Escape rooms

Out of the many activities in Edinburgh, a lot of them are often so busy that you cannot book them out for your event alone. This is often because Edinburgh is such a busy city centre with people always looking for something new and different to do. Visiting an escape room is a brilliant choice because you can book one or a few rooms for your whole team. An escape room is the pinnacle of teamwork so this might be one of your preferred options

Cocktail making

If your team are all over 18, there are many companies and places in Edinburgh who offer specific and personalised cocktail team building events. Experiencing the bar from the other side is a great way to let your teammates get to know each other more and have some fun. If you’d like more effective results for your money, cocktail making classes or even wine tasting events are effective ways that allow everyone to get involved.

From home

If everyone can’t leave the house for whatever reason, choosing an activity from home might be a good idea. There are ways you can access a good pub quiz which is a great way to split your co-workers into teams to work together. Take a look online and see what else is available.

What will you choose?

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