The CEO of The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) and 001, Kent Moyer, shares tidbits from his entrepreneurial journey to reveal the key insights necessary to build a business.

It is always said that the lowest points of your life are what make you successful. Kent Moyer, the World Protection Group, is one incredible personality that remains to be the example of a classic breakthrough story. Coming up from the small town in Pennsylvania, Moyer, too, had to make his way up through tremendous struggles. Yet, what sets him apart is his clear motivation behind creating the company right from scratch. Today, Kent Moyer is a brand name who is responsible for the overall direction and growth of his company, along with managing the daily operations.
Founded in 2001, The World Protection Group today stands as the gold standard private security protection services made explicitly for the celebs, affluent, and all who are concerned about their protection. Based on the approach of the U.S. Secret Service, The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) and its luxury company 001 specializes in executive protection, with the pool of international executive agents incorporating the former secret services including former secret service, former military dignitary protection, and private sector alumni from both Executive Security International and Executive Protection Institute. The Beverly Hills, based WPG and 001, has offices in major hubs globally, including New York City, Mexico City, and Shanghai, China.
Kent graduated from Wharton Business School in Advanced Management and also studied Strategic Management of Luxury Businesses at Wharton and the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. Kent has studied many luxury brands such as Armani, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Chopard, Porsche, Pagani and Ferrari. He recently attended HEC Paris Business School to study with Professor Jean-Noel Kapferer in an Advanced Luxury course. Kent has work extensively in law enforcement for over 23 years as a specialist in Executive Protection and Intelligence. He has also educated himself at the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center Executive Education, worked with clients and security personnel to incorporate a philosophy of proactive, preventative security and attention to customer service.

Being the expert at the philosophy of proactive, preventive security, Kent Moyer laid the foundation of his company, The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) and 001. He is certified by the Law enforcement firearms instructor and is a graduate of the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLETC) and the Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s Academy. In 2003, Kent Moyer was distinguished as the Deputy Sheriff of the Year for the Diplomatic Protection Unit (DPU), for a local Sheriff department. While being an alumnus, Kent Moyer has accumulated over 2000 hours of training in executive and dignitary protection and has also logged thousands of hours of practical field protection details. Graduating from the FBI and U.S. Secret Service preferred institute Executive Security International (ESI) with a degree in Criminal Justice and the Executive Protection Institute, Kent Moyer is truly deserving of the title he had earned as the ‘Expert.’
Today, we conversed with the specialist to unleash what it takes to get started with building a company. “Vision,” he said.

Moyer explains that the fundamental thing is to have a clear vision. “Building a business does not mean flailing in the wind, with product ideas, half-hearted brainstorm, and attempting to make a buck. The true essence of the business lies in the vision to facilitate the customers,” he says. Kent Moyer further shared a tidbit from his journey as an entrepreneur, revealing that the concept of The World Protection Group, Inc. (WPG) and 001 was conceived from the very beginning he started to indulge in the business of protection. “I served as the personal bodyguard for six years to Hugh Hefner, his family and protected many celebrities, and that was the moment I was valiant to bring forth an all-inclusive protection agency for the celebs and influential,” he says. “The essence of all that I have learned the hard way is the fact that when you have a clear vision, nothing can hinder you from building a business or an empire,” he adds.

Kent Moyer further emphasizes that dreaming big is quintessential for the entrepreneur. “You could be a driver desiring to start your international company to provide executive protection services. Dream big because the dream is the food for the entrepreneur’s brain, the same as music is the food for the soul. I too was a bodyguard once,” he says.

Additionally, the world always deceives the aspiring entrepreneur and business visionary, brainwashing them with the extreme fairy-tales of instant wealth and overnight success. “The truth is, this all is baloney, a fluke, and an aberration. Success never comes overnight, and you need to burn loads of midnight oils before you make it happen and witness your vision manifesting into a full-fledged business,” says Kent Moyer.

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