If you’re crafty, you can have all sorts of fun making your home look like a temporary bunker.
Add bullet hole stickers to the walls, floor, and furniture; use wooden board decals on your windows and doors to make your home look as though it’s been boarded up, set up supply stations around your home with things like food and ammunition, etc. Put drapes over your windows to darken the gaming atmosphere and play some battle music at the party.

The two most prominent Fortnite colors are yellow and blue. Set up your Fortnite party decorations, balloons, streamers and weights in this color scheme. If you decide on solid-color tableware, pepper in some yellow and blue plastic ware, plates, napkins and even cups.
Favor bags, cake frosting, blowouts, party straws, bday banners and many other party items can be color-coordinated to fit your party theme.
Use camouflage or regular black favor bags. Fill them with small goodies such as walkie talkies, plastic dog tags, mini first-aid kits or toy medical supplies, army men with or without parachute attachments, mini car figurines and so on.
Kids will love all the fun little Fortnite party favors they find inside these bags. Most of the aforementioned favors come in bulk packages, making it easy for you to toss several at a time into each party bag.

Use blue Gatorade as "Slurp Juice". You can buy glass jars if you like, and even label the jars to go all-out with your theme. Water with blue food coloring can serve as "Shield Potions" and can go in small plastic vials or tubes with caps to liven up the party atmosphere.

Consider a loot chest cake. Your local bakery may have one of these already similar to what you’re looking for, for occasions such as Pirate parties or Mining events. You can also add mini treasure chest party favors on top of the cake and stick them in to a green-frosted cake to make them appear that they’re supply crates fallen from the sky.
A llama cake would also be excellent for a Fortnite birthday party! Anyone who’s played the game will recognize the iconic purple and blue Supply Llama. We have a complete step-by-step Loot Llama Cake Tutorial to help you create your own llama cake.
Theme up a normal, non-shaped cake by adding things such as layers and decorative frosting to create the look of a hill or hard-to-traverse terrain Use small figurines and favors to decorate it, like small blocks, treasure chests, figurines, army men, trees and scenery, military favors and medical supplies.
You can use Fortnite Bedding Sets. This can be done easily via email or social media, and there are still photo-printing places that will print off your photos into hard copies for a fee. Photos would be fun to include with the party thank-you cards.

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