To forgive our past, we first have to face and resolve any unfinished business from our past choices. This means every pattern, choice, and grievance must be examined, like turning over river stones, without hiding behind the facade of excuses. Then, to attain closure, in addition to spiritually releasing our patterns it is also necessary to clean up any physical residue associated with them by getting rid of emotionally charged possessions or gifts, closing bank accounts, changing titles on properties, and letting go of old wedding rings. A memorable scene in the movie Harold and Maude depicts Maude achieving physical closure by taking off her wedding ring and throwing it into the water.

Releasing the layers of patterns is a lifelong process because their residue never completely goes away; instead, the layers become subtler and more difficult to discern. Even when we eliminate a pattern, the brain continues to show us a phantom of it. Like a file that we have deleted from our hard drive, its energy as a virtual hologram can still surface physically, alerting us to the past and reminding us to stay true to ourselves. Fortunately, we can reduce its energetic charge by acknowledging our awareness of it, saying, whenever it surfaces, “Hello, pattern, here you are again” and perceiving it only as a phantom of the past.

Examine and forgive your past. Take a written or verbal inventory of your unresolved grievances by asking yourself these questions: “What past or present memories, situations, or relationships require forgiveness and healing?” “Am I holding on to grievances against others and am I afraid to let go of them?” “How has harboring resentment against another person or myself interfered with my spiritual growth?”

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Debra L. Reble is a licensed psychologist with expertise in the areas of individual and relationship counseling. She earned her doctorate in 1993 at Kent State University where she also taught courses in their school psychology program.

As a therapeutic intuitive, Dr. Reble also specializes in energetic healing, meditation, and guides people on their pathway toward personal transformation. She also serves as a life/spiritual coach providing information and supporting people through their life transitions. Her valuable insights and ability to assess and help people to release behavioral patterns and energetic blocks brings an enlightened perspective to human processes. Additionally, Dr. Reble focuses her energy through the heart center to nurture, embrace, and assist people in realizing their fullest potential.

Dr. Reble is the founder of HeartPaths of Cleveland, Ohio, a company that is dedicated to providing inspirational materials that enhance the full self-expression and well-being. Presently, Dr. Reble has published her first book, Soul-hearted Partnership: The Ultimate Experience of Love, Passion, and Intimacy, released in November of 2009.

Dr. Reble is also a director with Foundation in Light, an international nonprofit and educational organization whose mission is dedicated to the full integration of light through the heart into human experience. As a director, Dr. Reble assists in presenting workshops, retreats, and consultations nationally to facilitate personal growth, well-being, and full self-expression.