When there has been abuse, sexual, physical, emotional and verbal it's tough to forgive, darn near impossible. I know because I've been in each of these situations, so I speak from my heart and soul, to yours, with love, respect and light.

The abuser went to prison for his actions. Well that was a nice neat and tidy way for the courts to wash their hands of it and feel they have done their jobs. However I still had to deal with it on a daily basis, and sometimes on a minute by minute basis.

When someone first shared with me the concept of forgiveness my initial reactions was "How Fricken Dare You", only not in such polite langue. I was angry, wounded, hurt and raw. I thought that this person had no idea of the nightmare I lived through for all those years, and had no right to ask me to forgive. How nice for them to sit on their safe, white, clean, high and mighty throne and ask me to forgive. I was even more angry and hurt now. I actually wanted to cause physical damage. I could see myself in my head throwing the glass from the table, heck I wanted to throw the table. The beautiful soul talking to me could read me like a book, though to be honest my face seldom hides little, so he explained it to me like this...

As long as I held on to that anger and resentment the abuser was still influencing my life. As long as he still influenced my life he still had control over me. He still had power over me, and I was allowing it.

I didn't want him to have control or power over me any longer. He had control of me for many years, and that was long enough. My desire to remove his influence, control and power was greater then my desire to hold on to my rage. He was a cancer I had to remove come hell or high water.

I had to forgive him for my benefit not his. I had to forgive him in order to move forward in my life.

As long as I held on to that rage I might as well have been in the prison cell with him. After a couple years he got out of prison, but I was still in my psychological prison. I needed to breath again. I needed my freedom from the prison I held myself in.

Also, with my religious beliefs and this beautiful soul that asked me to forgive, who had known I was religious, reminded me of the bible saying something to the effect of...

You can't ask for forgiveness of your sins unless you're willing to forgive others for their sins...

Well I wasn't about to let that slime ball, opps, I mean person keep ME out of heaven.

So even though it was completely for selfish reasons, I knew I had to forgive him.

So... I made the choice to forgive him. Now how the heck was I going to accomplish that? Well I asked God for help. Every night, when I said my prayers, I would ask God to forgive me for my sins, and I would ask God to forgive him. Then I would thank God for helping me to forgive him. I had to keep this up for a long, long time. To be completely honest it took years, but during those years little by little I could feel the load lighten from me. I could feel myself heal and get better, stronger, free-er. I was doing it. I was releasing him and the abuse and I was healing. The next step I took, was to visualise myself removing this man from me and having God remove him from me and filling up my body with love and light.

I no longer allow that person to have power or influence in my life. I seldom think of him at all. I am free of him. I forgave him and that gave me peace.

Take back your power. It belongs you to. Forgive the individual that hurt you and go get your life. You have already proven your strength, You Survived. Now it's time to Thrive. There is life after abuse and I promise you it's beautiful.

As my gift to you, for taking the first step, a complimentary private discovery session with me. Call 231-352-9065 to schedule an appointment.
Love and Light to you.

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Hi there.
I'm Meg Hubbard of Meghubbard.com http://www.Meghubbard.com I am a life coach and mentor. I love helping people get to their AH-HA moments. I love to help them find their answers to their happiness, passion, fulfillment. It’s so exciting to help someone know what they want, and to help them go get it. I become fulfilled in helping them reach their goals. To watch a woman become excited, creative, passionate, and feirce, that feels like she fell in love with her husband all over again. THAT ROCKS!

I know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut. I had no energy to do anything when I got home from a career I wasn't excited about. I wanted to do nothing but sit on the couch and watch TV, but I still had the kids, husband, dogs, school projects and house work to do. I was stuck in a toxic cycle. I couldn't see my way out of it. I was gaining weight, losing energy, getting sick and depressed. I would find more and more reasons not to leave the house and go out. It felt like I died a little each day and I was wasting my life away. I felt trapped. There just had to be something more.

We had three successful businesses. I had a beautiful, loving husband and two beautiful, healthy sons. We had a beautiful home and toys. I had so many blessings and nothing I should complain about, but there was still something missing. I struggled and tried to work it out but I couldn't find it. So I started to search. I had to figure it out, for me and for the sake of my family. It wasn't fair to them that I was stuck and feeling frustrated, numb, unfulfilled, empty and tired. I needed to be whole so I could help them be whole. I knew life didn’t have to be like this. I tripped and stumbled and went down dead ends. Finally after more than 14 years of searching and study I figured it out. I got my Ah-Ha moment. I can help you get yours in weeks rather than years. I became a Theta Therapy Practitioner to remove the old patterns and programs that no longer serve you. This helps you find your blocks and remove them. Once I removed my blocks I was unstoppable. You can be unstoppable too. I want to help you so you won't have to stumble and trip. I want to help make your journey as smooth and graceful as possible.

After I found the answers, I was happy ,energetic, passionate, fulfilled and abundant and my family and I laugh out loud together. My husband and I can't keep our hands off each other. IT IS AMAZING how great life is! I go to bed at night and I am excited about the morning. I wake up without an alarm clock because I am excited about my day. I am living my passion and purpose. I lost the extra weight because I am happy and fulfilled. I feel sexy, and have more energy, and confidence because I lost the weight. I became more abundant because my energy changed.

Life is better, love is better, sex is better.

That's why I became a mentor.

As my gift to you, for taking the first step, a complimentary private discovery session with me. Call 231-352-9065 to schedule an appointment.
Love and Light to you.