Do you follow the most popular trend of self-development? Do you switch from one popular teacher to another and never commit to one system? Majority religions, healing systems and such always receive more 'press' than those which are more hidden by virtue of their own choice or due to not using great marketing. Even so,why would one system of personal development take off, while another seems less accessible? In my opinion it is a founder’s 'personality' combined with a high level of development, brain power and money-behind-marketing that attracts a large following. And again, there are those who are not hungry to succeed by virtue of popularity. Some teachers and healers stay in their 'caves'. Also, as we find with politicians, there are a minority of scam artists that will do and say anything for the sake of recognition.

All paths are one. Even the scam artist might believe themselves to be sincere! Bless us all for being connoisseurs of art. Some who seek are born with an eye for finding the talented teacher for THEM and others more slowly develop it and feel secure in following the trends. They feel safe answering a larger ad or looking up someone with more articles on a web site. No one artist will supply THE one way to the ONE for every soul, however.

To offer an example of myself when I began seeking, let me say that I have been practicing and developing what I practice and am teaching through many, many teachers for 45 years total. I found one particular teacher 29 years ago with his Qigong/Neigung healing system and have been loyal to his innovative teachings. Lucky me to have been awarded nine certifications! I was actually in Mantak Chia's very first class which he taught to Westerners in 1981, and the year before I began with an oriental student of his before Chia was introduced to the Western seekers in New York city. Yet, I do overview many different teachers by virtue of reading their works or going to their seminars.

My love and enthusiasm for what I share is huge. I am glad when certain entrepreneurs successfully promote a similar type of self-development. I know I could never package my teachings in a copy-cat fashion. My teacher's info which I also put out in my own style, is terrific. I feel comfortably at home in the system. There are so many things to learn in this one system, let alone in and amongst the grand teachings of Qigong which some believe to have been in existence 5 to 8 thousands of years. The more well known child of Qigong which has been around longer in the Western world which is Tai Chi, or T'aijijuan, has its' wonderful teachings that have been popularized or kept orthodox as well.

There are hundreds or thousands of hopeful, 'next Deepak Chopras' in Yoga, Tai Chi-Qigong, Buddhism, Hinduism and other variants of 'new-from-the-old-thought'. Some remain traditional and others innovate for the learning styles of modern people. The trend setter may indeed be excellent and gaining a vast following.
In this lifetime so far, I learn to stay appreciative of where my circumstances are NOW with no comparisons and I don't compete to be highly popular and well known as a teacher. I do love to write about what I have come to think is wonderful information, however.

I have a question that I would like to put out to readers that you might offer your opinion to me about via my website: If a popular teacher has, say 500 or more people attending a weekend workshop and thousands or millions of students over years, will the ratio of how many stay followers practicing ardently and developing themselves to the level of their teacher or even higher, be much different than those who aim for lesser crowds? Personally, I figure that the ratio would be similar. When there are fewer students in a class or workshop, the teacher enjoys greater personal relationships. The students certainly get much more attention and the teacher benefits by developing a greater understanding of specific profiles of each student. This type of advantage can rarely be developed by the teacher with many thousands of followers. Perhaps this is a springboard for thought and discussion.

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Raven Cohan is a certified teacher of Healing Tao/Universal Tao system of Mantak Chia. Her Web contacts are: Also look and listen to her MUSIC at