If you know me, you know I’m BIG when it comes to goals. I preach goals every single day to those around me and even to people I don’t know sometimes! The truth is that I am a firm believer that having clear goals can clearly make a difference between living life, and living a great life.

There is plenty of work and research to support the fact that goals are like a navigation system for life. When I work with clients, I suggest we create both short and long term goals. I go about this in different ways, but I often start by asking something like “If money was not an object, What would you like to do? Where would you be? What kind of lifestyle you would be living?” These questions tend to open the communication lines and get the person to start thinking beyond the present limitations and feelings of inadequacy. The first step is to define what you want.

One of the critical parts of the process for me, is to have clarity. Clear vision is a must in order to know exactly where you are going, and what will you need to get there. One of my favorite authors, Brian Tracy says that “Clear vision plus definite plans equals a tremendous feeling of confidence and personal power.” I ask my clients to break their goals down to the most miniscule details. What does it feel like? What color is it? What kind, style or model? In short, live the image of the dream and shred it down to manageable pieces that will paint the image nice and clear.

To me, goals are sources of direction and motivation. Goals inspire me. You should write your goals down and create visual reminders that this is where you are going. I have suggested to people before that they take this idea a step or two further by writing sticky notes as reminders of their goal and posting them all around the house, or in key places. Another way to create these visual reminders is to have pictures or even a collage of a variety of pictures that represent what you want; whether it is to lose weight, to change jobs or to get a different car, every time you see that picture you will send a reminder message to your brain that the path is set.

In fact, long ago I heard about the power of creating a Dream Book. I was a little skeptical at first, but as I assembled my book with pictures of everything that I would love to have and do, I sensed such a great feeling of ‘wow…what if?’. That’s right, what if I had a house like this, the car I want or the job I deserve? The truth is I the whole concept fueled my imagination and fired my desires to move to achieve what I once thought unachievable. Over the course of time, I have achieved most of what I set out to do, and then some….another cool feature of the reminders and the dream book is that you can always add to it! Yep! I have added many new goals and dreams that serve as constant reminders of where I’m heading.

“Take control or someone else will.” I have heard this quote by different authors and sources but that to me, is the bottom line. When I have goals and I know I’m moving in that direction I also know that I am taking charge of my life and moving towards what I want in life. Not what someone else wants for me or thinks is best for me. I am in charge, and you can too!

Finally, I’d like to share what I learned from a conversation the other day with a fellow coach. When it comes to goals; shoot for the big, outrageous ones. The little, less important ones are taken and hence you will have a lot of competition there. The big ones, awww, those are free and available and at your service. Go big, dream big and set goals that are going to kick everyone out of the water. You will be amazed of how much you can accomplish when you set your GPS to the destination of your desired goal.

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Maria Martinez is a Professional Life Coach; she works primarily with individuals seeking to identify areas in which they want to increase their level of awareness and take life to the next level. By providing support and accountability, individuals reach higher and greater goals; balance life at work and at home; and enjoy time doing things they most love. ‘Create the life you want; Start within.’

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