An average person walks approximately 150,000 miles in the whole of their life span, which is the equivalent of circling the earth six times. Therefore, proper footwear is necessary to keep your feet from wear, tear and damage. Think about this scenario: you can only stand or walk for a short period without pain. As a result, your life will be in jeopardy as mobility and freedom will be restricted as well as your social life will be curtailed. This may seem like a bit too farfetched, but situations like that arise in many patients. 

Astonishingly, we are asked to go to dentists to scale our teeth, take care of our cholesterol level and blood pressure by avoiding particular food produces, and try to work ourselves out for a healthy life. In essence, we are even told to feed our brain to ward off conditions like dementia and neurological disorders. Still, anybody ever really tells us about the importance of foot health. The foot, with 33 muscle joints and 26 bones is no less than a biomedical marvel, and there’s every reason to take care of our foot for a better physical and mental health. The bones and muscles work hand in hand to provide us locomotion, stability and balance, and it’s an evolutionary masterpiece that gives humans an edge over their predecessors, the apes. Therefore, it’s imperative to guard your feet with the right type of shoes, as they absorb thrusts much like the shock absorbers installed on your car. 

Why do you need proper footwear? 

  • Footwear is the very first line of defence against threats on the ground upon which you walk, and they save your feet from the wears and tears of an active lifestyle. 
  • Proper podiatry-approved footwear not only gives you protection against the ground but also helps you maintain posture and balance. 
  • Moreover, they provide you with adequate grip to help prevent any accidents and fall. 
  • Superior quality footwear also helps you by preventing medical conditions such as calluses, bunions and plantar fasciitis. 
  • Moreover, a good pair of shoes will also reduce the impact of your steps. The impact of your footsteps is 1.5 times your whole body weight when you are walking. When you are running, the effect is heightened. 

How do you choose the proper footwear? 

This mostly depends on your specific requirements. In the last twenty years, the footwear industry has come a long way. Now, the footwear available in the market are tailored specially for your needs, and there are running shoes, walking shoes and tennis shoes available, keeping in line with your activity. The characteristic features of a great pair of shoes include proper fit and comfort. While giving optimum arch support, it will leave enough room to move your toes. When you try a shoe, make sure that it doesn’t bend too much, because too much bending equates to a lack of support. According to experts in the foot clinic in Moorabbin, you should also refrain from buying a pair of shoes that is uncomfortable in your feet.

Custom Orthotics 

If you have special medical conditions like high arches, fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, you should go to a physician to be fitted for orthotics. If you encounter relentless hip, knee or foot pain, you should opt for custom orthotics. If you cannot get a hold on orthotics, podiatry approved shoe insert may be a good option. Even if you don’t opt for orthotics, expert podiatrists in Moorabbin say that it’s imperative to change your shoes once in every four to five months.

Invest in quality shoes that will make the walk of life a lot easier. In today’s market, even some dress shoes give you optimum arch support, and you should choose the brand that works the best for you. 

Author's Bio: 

The owner of a foot clinic in Moorabbin, the author, is one of the most reputed podiatrists in the Moorabbin area providing foot cure to hundreds of patients. Besides running a successful organization, the author indulges in writing blogs to make the people aware of foot-related conditions.