Foods To Eat To Increase Fertility: Best Fertility Foods When Trying To Get Pregnant (Foods To Get You Pregnant)

It can get frustrating when there are no signs of a baby even when you have been trying your best for a while. Fertility issues are very real and unfortunately they cut across the board, affecting both men and women. Advice on fertility can go a long way in giving relief to couples. There is also the option of natural fertility treatment that uses solutions such as fertility calculators and food to improve the chance of conceiving.

Healthy meals can boost conception, especially when you are able to strike a balance between essential minerals and vitamins. Apart from looking for fertility boosting foods, is also helps to avoid foods that decrease pregnancy prospects. Sometimes making dietary changes could be all you need to experience the joys of parenthood.

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What to avoid

Refined sugar is top in the list of what you need to avoid to improve your fertility. This is because the refined sugar causes insulin resistance leading to a condition affecting ovulation.

Red meat should also be reduced because it increases ammonia amounts in the body, interfering with egg implantation in the uterus. In men, it increases acidity which in turn impacts sperm activity negatively. This is considering that alkaline conditions are best for sperm performance.

Alcohol is another thing that should be avoided by those who seem to have fertility issues. Both men and women should avoid too much alcohol because it has significant effects on conception and fertility.

What to eat

Fish with selenium and B12 are best when it comes to boosting fertility. Salmon is rich in selenium and the mineral releases antioxidants, which protect eggs as well as sperms from damaging free radicals. Chromosome breakage is also reduced and fertile sperm production is enhanced. Shellfish on the other hand has B12, which helps in strengthening endometrial lining during egg fertilization hence lowering miscarriage risks. Mackerel has essential fatty acids that strengthen the female reproductive system and improve sperm health.

Bananas are also very good for boosting conception. This is because they have vitamin B6, which regulates hormones aiding conception in the process. A deficiency leads to poor sperm and egg development and irregular menstruation. Citrus fruit is another good fruit that you can consider when trying for a baby especially for men. It has vitamin C that improves sperm motility and count. The vitamin improves hormonal balance in women making it beneficial for conception.

Asparagus has folic acid as the magic nutrient that helps in improving fertility. The acid reduces ovulatory failure risks. Supplement for the same can be used by women trying to conceive to increase the chances. Zinc is another important nutrient and you can get it from peas. It boosts sperm levels and at the same time improves formation, quality and function of the sperms decreasing male infertility. In women it balances progesterone and estrogen.

Eggs have vitamin D as a good nutrient to improve fertility while almonds have vitamin E which improves sperm health. They are good foods to include in your diet to improve conception rates.

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I often hear from couples who want to have sex very frequently in an attempt to become pregnant. They figure that since each instance of intercourse gives them a chance to conceive, why not have intercourse as often as possible so that you will have many separate chances to successfully become pregnant. And many couples do have success with this method. But what happens if you have a preference as to which gender you conceive? Does this frequent intercourse strategy make you more likely to conceive one gender over another?

In order to answer that question, I need to explain what influences your baby's gender. If an X sperm chromosome successfully fertilizes the egg, the fetus will be a girl. If it is Y that is successful, the fetus will be a boy. Now, if you don't alter your methods or your timing in any way, your baby's gender is pretty much left to chance. However, couples who have sex before ovulation have a better chance of getting a girl because the X sperm chromosomes are more hardy and are able to live long enough to survive for the wait to ovulation. Couples who conceive after ovulation have a better chance for a son because the Y sperm chromosomes are weaker but faster. After ovulation, the egg waits for the sperm so the faster Y's have a better chance of being successful at that time.

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The best timing strategy when you are trying for a girl is to limit sex to before ovulation. And if you want a boy, then you will want to limit sex to after ovulation. But, if you just have frequent sex without worrying about when ovulation occurs, then you are leaving a lot to chance. If you are trying for a daughter, you may get lucky and actually conceive before ovulation for a girl. But if you don't and you keep having intercourse, then you are introducing more fast boys or Y's into the mix. Likewise, if you want a son, you might be fortunate enough to conceive after ovulation by chance alone. But if not, then by having frequent intercourse, you are likely to have introduced more girl producing X sperm that are easily able to hang around for a longer period of time.

So to answer the question posed, all frequent sex does for you when you are trying to conceive is to make it more likely that you are leaving your baby's gender to chance while giving yourself more opportunities to be successful. And this can be fine if you don't have a preference as to your baby's gender. But if you want one gender over another, then you are much better off limiting your intercourse to the appropriate time as it corresponds to ovulation rather than trying to have sex as often as possible. When trying to get one gender over another, you often have to be choosy and deliberate about when you conceive.

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I recently heard from someone who wanted clarification about the role that a woman's acidity plays in whether she has a girl or boy baby. Basically, she said something to the effect of: "I've heard that if you are acidic, this helps your odds for either getting a boy or a girl baby. Which is it? And is this myth true at all? And if so, why?"

I believe that vaginal acidity does play a role in the gender of a woman's baby. However, it is only one out of a few different variables. When a woman is more acidic and less alkaline, this vaginal environment is conducive to the X sperm making it to and fertilizing the egg first, which will give you a girl baby. The reason for this is relatively simple. The boy sperm (the Y's) don't react well to that type of environment. They are weakened by it and they are the less strong of the two sperm chromosomes to begin with. Some will even die off as the result. So what happens is that theoretically, you have more surviving X's making it to the egg than you have Y's. This increases your odds of getting a girl.

What If I'm Acidic But I Want A Boy?: Now, the above might be good news to you if you're trying to conceive, you already know that you are acidic, and you want the gender of you baby to be a girl. But what if the above is also true and you want a boy? Well, there are things that you can do to make your vaginal environment more alkaline. The most common two things that people will try is changing their diet, trying a douching regimen or both. You can use the same testing methods that you used to determine if you were acidic to chart your progress to determine when you achieved your goal. Many women who started out quite acidic are able to achieve an alkaline reading, although sometimes it takes experimentation as to which foods or douches work best and it does sometimes take a bit of patience. It's common for people to be in a big hurry to change their PH. But often, what people don't realize is that they are often waiting for the right timing anyway, which leads me to my next point.

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The Right PH Needs To Be Combined With Other Optimal Conditions: Many people incorrectly assume that their vaginal PH is all they have to worry about. If you only focused on this, you might be successful of increasing your odds of getting the gender that you want. But you would have left other opportunities ignored. If you can also obtain the right timing and the right sexual positions for the gender that you want, then you are further increasing your odds. Remember how I said that an acidic environment isn't exactly optimal for boy sperm? Well, neither is conceiving before ovulation. Boy sperm don't live as long as the girl sperm. So if you want a girl, not only should you try to be acidic, you should also try to conceive before ovulation. This will further weed out the boy sperm.

However, if you want a boy, you'll need to focus not only on moving away from an acidic PH, you'll also want to make sure that you are having conception sex after ovulation. This allows you to give those vulnerable Y's their best chance to make it to the egg. The sexual positions that you use can also matter a great deal. Many people focus only on PH when trying to choose their baby's gender. But to cover all bases, you need to control every variable that you can if you want to raise your odds of success to the highest levels you can possibly achieve.

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Having a healthy baby is what every expectant parent wishes for. Secretly though most of us do have a preference when it comes to whether we want a baby girl or a baby boy. Many of us simply leave it to fate, but there is another way. If you have your heart set on a newborn son or daughter there are a few things you can do to help sway Mother Nature. You can help choose sex of your baby if you understand what factors go into determining whether you have a boy or a girl.

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Timing your lovemaking is one way to help choose the sex of your baby. If you have your heart set on a new son you should focus on having intercourse as close to the moment of ovulation as possible. That's because the male sperm are quicker than the female sperm and will reach the newly released egg sooner to fertilize it. Couples who want a daughter are better off trying to conceive a day or two before ovulation as the female sperm stay alive longer.

You can predict ovulation several methods. The most inexpensive is to chart your basal body temperature for a couple of months before you start trying to conceive. This is an easy process and involves taking the woman's temperature each morning before she gets out of bed. You can also invest in an ovulation kit which is simple to use and will tell you precisely when the right time to attempt to conceive is. Either approach will help you chart when you are fertile and with the right timing you can help choose the sex of your baby.

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