Foods To Avoid When Trying To Get Pregnant: Healthy Food To Get Pregnant

Have you and your partner been trying to conceive for a long while, and if so has everything you have tried failed to work? If the answer to these questions is yes, have you considered making some changes to your diet?

Although most people tell you what you should eat, they often forget to tell you that there are some foods that you definitely should not eat. This article will focus on one of the foods that you really must avoid if you are trying to get pregnant.

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The foods that you should avoid at all costs are the ones that contain hydrogenated fats, since these fats can cause infertility in both men and women.

Hydrogenated fats are often known as trans-fats, and although they are banned in some parts of America they are still being used by some companies in the UK. Mostly because they extend the shelf life of their products. They are usually used in the manufacture of the more cheaper processed foods and in some fast foods like fries and takeaways and contain virtually no nutritional value.

But for any couple that is trying to have a baby, eating foods that contain these fats can reduce their fertility by up to 70%, and consuming just as little as 4 grams of trans-fat a day can cause a woman to suffer from a lack of ovulation. Because some of the foods that are high in these fats might come as a surprise, it's important that you always check the ingredients of the foods before you buy them to make sure that they only contain good fats.

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Are you having problems conceiving? Even if you have the best intentions, you might be taking the wrong steps in your quest to become pregnant with a baby boy or girl. Well, one of the most important steps in solving a problem is to define it. Here are some reasons why you might be having difficulty getting pregnant:

1. You're exposing yourself to unhealthy chemicals.

In today's world, we're constantly exposed to chemicals. Unfortunately, several of them are unhealthy and can actually prevent you from becoming pregnant! Such "bad" chemicals are in the foods that we eat, the products we use to clean our homes, and even in the makeup that we use! So if you want to maximize your chance of becoming pregnant, it's crucial that you first learn which chemicals can prevent you from becoming pregnant quickly and then avoid them like the plague!

2. You're taking a single-faceted approach.

You may have problems conceiving because you're only focusing on the physical aspect of becoming pregnant. While that's certainly a crucial facet of your makeup, a better approach is to take a holistic one. You should also consider the importance of your mental and emotional health. By doing that, you'll exponentially increase your chance of becoming pregnant.

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3. Your hormones are unbalanced.

Hormones are crucial components in the function of our organs. That's why it's crucial that they be balanced, rather than unbalanced. The good news is that you can take certain steps to help balance your hormones. And that will result in a greater likelihood that you'll become pregnant. The key is to learn about the most effective supplements and methods for creating that balance.

4. You're forgetting that it takes two to tango.

Yet another reason you might be experiencing problems conceiving is that you've neglected the importance of you partner's role in your becoming pregnant. It's crucial that he also take effective (and safe) steps to increase his sperm count and sperm motility.

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I sometimes hear from people who are hopeful that they have just conceived and they are wondering if their timing is more conducive to having a girl or a boy baby. I heard from someone who said: "I'm pretty sure that I ovulated yesterday based on the timing of my menstrual period. And I think I may have just conceived. So if I am right and I have become pregnant the day after I have ovulated, am I having a boy or a girl?"

I wish it were possible to respond with a simple answer, but it isn't. It's difficult to determine if someone is having a boy or a girl until they are far along enough in the pregnancy that a scientific test is possible. Plus, there are other things that go into determining your baby's gender rather than just your timing. I will discuss some of these variables below.

Are You Sure That You're Right About Your Timing?: First of all, people often make assumptions about their ovulation timing that turns out to be untrue. Many women will just take the date of their menstrual period and then count about two weeks from that point and assume that this gives them their ovulation day. This might work for some women, but it certainly doesn't work for all. Not every one ovulates 14 days after their period. This day can fluctuate. And some women ovulate early while others ovulate late. So what happens if you are wrong in your assumptions? You may not be in the situation that you had hoped.

For example, many people believe that having sex 24 hours after ovulation would favor a boy baby because the faster but short lived boy producing sperm would be fully present at ovulation. This is true because the egg is waiting on the sperm (instead of the other way around.) But let's pretend that this woman's assumption was wrong and that actually, she hadn't yet ovulated. Let's say that, in reality, she was actually 4 days away from her egg being ready for release. Well then, this would make a girl more likely because the boy sperm would be forced to wait for the egg. Since they are short lived, this is a difficult scenario for them and not that many are likely to be present once the egg is ready, which increases your odds for a girl.

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But, assuming that this woman was right about her ovulation timing and she had successfully conceived, she would theoretically have a better chance of getting a boy baby. Still, this is only taking one variable into account and there are more variables to consider, as follows.

What Sexual Position Did You Use When You Attempted To Conceive?: Sexual positions can also have an impact on baby gender. Since those boy sperm are vulnerable, deep penetration helps them along, while girl sperm can do just fine using shallow penetration. So, if this woman used deeper penetration, this would help her odds of a boy baby even a bit more.

What Was Your Vaginal PH At The Time Of Conception?: A good deal of people will take their PH a day or two after their perceived conception and they'll assume that it is the same as it was a few days before. Again, this is only an estimate. What truly matter is your PH at the time of conception. If you were more acidic at the time of conception, then this would favor a girl or daughter. But if you were alkaline, then that would increase the odds for that boy baby we have been talking about. The wife in this scenario had no idea where her PH might have been at the time of conception, so we only knew 2 of the 3 variables.

Increasing Odds Isn't The Same As Complete Certainty: If you were to successfully cover all three of these variables, you would significantly increase the odds of conceiving your desired gender. But it's important to understand that it's very difficult to eliminate all of the sperm that might produce the gender that you do not want. What I mean by this is that conceiving after ovulation, using deep penetration, and having an alkaline PH all increase your odds for a boy baby. And these scenarios will help to make sure that there are more boy producing sperm present at ovulation. But it probably doesn't make sure that there's not one X or girl producing sperm. So while the odds are certainly better for a boy conception, it's not impossible for any of the remaining girl producing sperm to ultimately be successful.

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There's no denying that being pregnant is a wondrous experience. It's also full of anticipation as you're waiting for your due date to arrive. But what happens if that day passes and you're still waiting to deliver? Most physicians are quick to suggest medical induction, but not all women are comfortable with that route. If you're wondering about how to induce labor naturally, you've got a few safe choices to consider.

The question of how to induce labor naturally has been asked by women for years and years. It's difficult, frustrating and uncomfortable when you are overdue with no end in sight. One approach that many women try is walking. Walking is one of those exercises that have loads of benefits. One of those benefits happens to be that walking can help start labor. It can be a little cumbersome for a full term soon to be new mom to walk any distance but it's important to try. Walking releases oxytocin which can send your body into labor. It's essential to find a buddy to walk with and also be mindful of how tired you get.

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Making love has long been touted as one way to begin the labor process. This is a great approach as long as your water has yet to break. Naturally it's not easy being intimate when you are at or near the end of your pregnancy. It's uncomfortable and tiring. It can be very beneficial though so if you feel you have the energy it's well worth giving it a try.

If you love spicy food now is the time to indulge. Who would have thought that Mexican food was the answer to the question of how to induce labor naturally? Any type of spicy dish will do. Be careful not to overindulge though. If you're like most pregnant woman you've had more than your share of indigestion during your pregnancy already, so be careful with the portion size.

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