Foods That Increase Ovulation Rate: Things To Eat To Help Get Pregnant

Fertility foods are specific foods that are not only healthy but also target problem areas in your reproductive system. When you plan to have a baby, you not only have to avoid alcohol and eat a daily balanced diet, you also have to take servings of specific foods that actually boost fertility. Medical experts now agree that food plays a huge role in improving fertility.

Below are four non-vegan foods that can help boost fertility in both men and women. Although vegetarian and vegan diets are superior for health and optimal fertility and this site advocates switch to a mainly vegetarian/vegan diet, we do get requests from the meat-eaters on what to include in their diet that's not a seed or a vegetable or a fruit. So for the meat-lovers here it goes (vegans skip this article);

1. Fish roe

Fish roe are the fully ripe masses of fish eggs. They are rich in vitamin D, vitamin B12, omega-r fatty acids, DHA, EPA and trace minerals. Because they are extra rich in vitamins and minerals, fish roe can improve your fertility as well as aid lactation after your baby has been born. Fish roes have been used for centuries to help couples get pregnant. Nutritional researcher Weston A. Price has found out that roes are used by people in the arctic region as a means of improving fertility among men and women. He has also found out that people from far inland make great efforts to go to the sea and collect fish roe for their childbearing women to ensure healthy babies are born.

Men having problems fathering a child have been found to have significantly lower levels of omega-3 fatty acid in their sperm. Fish roes have high ratios of omega-3 fatty acids to omega-6 fatty acids, a ratio of 10 to 1, and so regular consumption of roes will increase the omega-3 levels in your body and help to improve fertility in both men and women.

Caviar, which is the roe of the oil-rich fish sturgeon, has the same high ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Salmon fish roes are among the most potent roes for male and female fertility.

Studies have confirmed that regular supplementation of DHA, found in fish roes and cod liver, may help restore fertility in infertile couples. However do not self prescribe cod liver oil due to it's high vitamin A content.

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2. Egg yolks

Egg yolks are very nutrient dense. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, choline, vitamin A and vitamin E. Choline is especially important in preconception and in the prenatal diet because it helps your baby develop a healthy nervous system. Researchers and medical experts are promoting adequate choline consumption, especially during pregnancy and lactation. Choline is essential in the healthy development of the teeth, and also the brain. Mothers who have adequate choline levels in their system have higher chances of giving birth to babies with good memory retention. Choline may also help decrease the cognitive dysfunction associated with Down Syndrome.

3. Shellfish

Shellfish, oysters in particular, are full of vitamin D, vitamin B12, minerals such as zinc, iron, copper and selenium. Consuming 6 medium-sized oysters can provide you with two thirds the daily requirement of vitamin D and three times the daily requirement for vitamin B12. Vitamin D is especially important for women planning to get pregnant because it helps inhibit glucose regulation, helps develop healthy bones and strengthens the uterus, preparing it for labor.

4. Liver, the not so popular fertility food, may be one of the most important foods for couples trying to get pregnant. It is rich in folate, pantothenic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin and niacin. Folate and vitamin A are especially important because inadequate levels of these two have been found to cause birth defects, palate malformation and neural defects. Only buy organic liver.

With increased industrialization and commercialization, the nutrient-dense diets of earlier societies have changed to nutritionally deficient fast foods and processed foods. Strive for a balanced and organic diet. Be sure to integrate fertility food into your diet and you are well on your way to a babymaking fit body.

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If you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) then you'll know how much it can affect your whole life, especially if you have been trying to start a family. The good news is that there have been numerous studies that show that diet and lifestyle changes can greatly improve PCOS even with small changes.

PCOS is actually quite common and can affect up to 10% of women. Many people don't even realise that they might have it and see the symptoms as something unrelated. Usually it contributes to depression, weight gain, excess facial hair, high blood pressure, irregular periods and as I've already mentioned - infertility.

Losing weight is usually the first thing that doctors recommend for women with PCOS. Reducing just a few pounds can help the way the body processes insulin and can improve both acne and your fertility. However many women have trouble losing weight when they have the condition even when exercising and eating a healthy diet.

Usually the most successful diets for improving PCOS are low carb diets and low GI diets. But you shouldn't cut carbohydrates out completely. Instead of eating highly processed carbs such as breads, pasta and cereals, instead think brown rice, beans and pulses and fresh fruit and vegetables.

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You should also aim to include enough protein to help balance the glucose levels in the blood.

Of course it goes without saying that you should avoid unnecessary sugars in your diet that have no nutritional value and are just empty calories. These include cakes, donuts and sweets. This also includes artificial sweeteners which can also spike insulin levels.

Supplements are also recommended for women with PCOS to make sure they are regularly getting a good balance of the right vitamins and minerals. Omega 3's are also important as they can reduce inflammation in the body and balance hormone levels.

Some of the better diets for sufferers include the Glycemic Impact Diet, South Beach Diet and Weight Watchers.

Low impact exercise done regularly can go a long way in improving PCOS symptoms. Walking, swimming and yoga are all great forms of exercise that will help to regulate your blood pressure. Yoga is especially beneficial because it also helps reduce stress levels and stress is well known to interfere with hormonal balance.

Of course it's always best to try a healthy diet with the guidance of your health professionals who may also suggest fertility stimulants such as Clomid if your are trying to conceive.

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I sometimes hear from women who feel certain that they will never be able to have a daughter. Often, they have already conceived multiple sons and have therefore become convinced that conceiving a girl is just an impossible feat for them. I heard from a woman who said: "I have three boys by two different men. But in all cases, regardless of the man, I've produced girls. I have just met a men that I'd like to marry. We've been talking about kids. He doesn't have any children and he wants a girl. I told him that I think I'm unable to conceive a girl and he says that this is crazy. Is he right?"

If You Do Nothing, The Odds Always Reset At 50 Percent: Well, I certainly didn't think that this woman was crazy. But I did think that her reasoning was incorrect. Because actually, it is the man or father's sperm that contributes to the baby's gender. More specifically, a man produces equal numbers of Y and X sperm. X sperm produces girl babies and Y produces boys. Which sperm chromosome fertilizes the egg first determines your baby's gender.

You pretty much have equal odds or either occurring, much in the same way that you have equal odds of a flipped coin coming up heads or tails. Think of it this way. If you flipped a coin four times in a row, is it conceivable that it would land on heads or tails four times in a row? Of course it is. And actually, the odds are still going to be about fifty percent for each flip of the coin. Coins don't have memory or emotions. They don't know if you got heads on the last flip. So each time, you are going to have the same equal odds. Basically, you are starting over each time with the possibility of one or the other.

There Are Things A Woman Can Do To Help Get The Gender She Wants: The same odds described above is true of gender. The sperm chromosomes that are fighting for the egg have absolutely no idea that you already have boys or girls. Essentially, they are there in equal numbers, and, if you do nothing to intervene luck or chance has a good deal to do with your end result. However, with that said, while the man's sperm ratio doesn't change, there are changes in a woman's body that can have an effect on her baby's gender.

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The first is timing. If she has intercourse before ovulation, a girl is more likely. If she has an orgasm during sex, then a boy is more likely. If her PH is acidic, then that favors a girl. And if it is alkaline, this favors a boy. In this case, this woman really wanted a girl. So she should definitely control a few things. While she couldn't change anything about the father-to-be's sperm, she could conceive early and before ovulation. She could avoid orgasm and she could make sure that her PH was acidic (either through food, douching or both.) And she could use shallow positions when having sex. All of these things would help to diminish some of the boy sperm and help some of the girl sperm make it to the egg.

Remember that flipping the coin scenario I described above? Well imagine if instead of one coin you now had four coins? And what if three of those coins only had heads on both sides? Would your odds of getting heads increase? Of course they would. And it is the same idea when you are tweaking your PH and conceiving early. You are giving yourself additional chances to get the gender that you want. You can't remove the Y or boy producing sperm, but you can reduce their numbers (by conceiving early and having an acidic PH) which in turn increases your odds.

So to answer the question posed, I didn't think this woman was unable to conceive a girl. Her PH might naturally be alkaline or she might make it a habit to orgasm when she tried to conceive. Or perhaps she always waited until after ovulation to attempt to become pregnant. All of these things could be changed. And all of these things would increase her changes of getting a girl this time around.

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Nothing brings more joy than a baby boy, as they say and as a mother to a beautiful son I can certainly believe that. In fact when trying to choose the gender of your child, more people try to get pregnant with a boy than with a girl. So if you would like to know when should you try to conceive a boy baby then this article will help you plan the right time.

Probably the most well known method of sex selection is the Shettles Method. The Shettles Method claims over 85% success rate for conceiving a boy. (The success rate for getting a boy using the Shettles Method is much higher for a boy than a girl).

Dr Shettles discovered that the male decides what sex your baby is going to be. If the sperm carrying an X chromosome reaches the egg and fertilizes it, then you'll get a little girl. If the Y chromosome sperm fertilizes the egg then your little baby will be a boy.

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Dr Shettles found that the Y sperm is very fast but not very strong so using this knowledge to your advantage, you can then time your intercourse around your ovulation day.

The first step is pinpointing the day that you ovulate. Once you know this day then you want to have sex from 1 day before ovulation right up to the day you ovulate. That means that the male sperm will be able to reach the egg first and you'll increase the odds that you'll have a boy baby.

By timing your sex to as close to ovulation as possible you'll give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving a boy baby and pretty soon you'll be knitting yourself some blue booties for you new precious bundle of joy.

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