Why is it that when you need money the most, it seems the hardest to get your hands on it? The answer is because, most likely, you’ve got most of your attention on the fact that you don’t have enough money. It’s an instant log jam in the money-attraction process and it’ll make anyone a nervous wreck.

I’ve written dozens of articles on creating money and abundance. But I’ll be honest; this article won’t change your money vibe. The best I can do is put a spark of inspiration into your decision-making process and have you get serious about attracting money.

Are you up for it?

Here are the facts about making a significant increase in your bank account:

* You have to commit to something beyond a quick fix.
* Trust that you do have the ability to make the change.
* Forget your history of any failures or slow-growth periods regarding wealth.
* Unless the people around you are empowering, tune them out.
* Trust your own guidance.
* Change your habitual thinking about money needs daily and, sometimes, hourly when needed.
* People who have support in this quest have better results.
* Decide that this change is permanent.

The most critical part about increasing income is to give as much or more attention to changing the way you think as you do to any money-making strategies. Also, stay committed to this process even when you don’t get instantaneous results. If you are feeling more positive about attracting money, then you are headed in the right direction. Trust those feelings.

Many of you will feel immediate resistance when focusing on attracting money. Your brain will want to give you all the reasons it feels like a losing battle. Your mind wants to know the exact route you will take and you’ve got to let that thought go. If you are not clear about specific actions you can take to increase your prosperity, the only thing you can do is get your thoughts in the right place.

Frankly, if you just keep seeing that prosperity is the only outcome you will get and that you will win this game, the right and perfect actions will find you effortlessly.

What is your decision about money?
What thoughts and habits must you exchange for healthier ones?
Who will help you?
What’s going to support you in making this easier?

Play to win or don’t play. Every one of you can experience more prosperity in a short period of time if you are willing to do the above. Leap out onto the leading edge of thought and you will be supported in this quest. Above all, enjoy the ride.

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