Flying isn't the hard part, landing in the net is. - Mario Zacchini

Did the Wright Brothers give up? No and because of their tenacity, we can fly every day in the sky.

If you attend a Cirque de Soleil performance you know immediately that the acrobatic talent and commitment to practice far exceeds the thoughts of failure, falling and fear. The actors are unbelievably courageous and strong. How did they get that way? Practice. Practice. Practice. Natural talent goes along with it. They prove that they are ingrained with passion for their craft. They are great at their performances and life's work. You can be also!

You won't always crash. Your experience and passion will be your guide wire. Research as much as possible and talk to people who have been there and accomplished what you want to do.

Living this life sometimes seems like a tightrope act. We walk on. We balance. We stabilize. We are fearful. We trust at times. That net can be friends, family, faith, hope, love, joy, grace and many other exciting things about life.

What is your net? Where do you go?

Be assured that falling flat and failing is part of life. Pick yourself up and move on. Be inspired in directions of focus and goals We are not meant to sit down and quit. You may need more support than others or someone to talk to about your situation. That's not a bad idea!

We are to land in our nets, bounce back - while healing our wounds - and restructuring our thoughts. Then go - Bloom Girl Bloom, Bloom Boy Bloom - in ways you never dreamed of. Never give up. Maybe something you try isn't quite right for you so evaulate and stay strong.

You are so valuable and were created for great things. Your stage might not be large but your mission is to move through that small stuff with care and kindness. It all adds up. You may be given a larger portion of risk or challenge but you are capable.

Our rewards come from our risk-taking. We don't need to be crazy about it but if you step out and fly - the landing will be so sweet. Your happiness increases, your confidence grows and your next step will be much easier. Try something you've always want to do - accomplish something small and move into the bigger scale.

Make a list of your challenges and your passions - then choose one and move forward with the idea. You can begin simply and learn to fly. You won't crash land or be wounded when you begin after planning. Start in a way that you can manage. Expand. Grow. Bloom. Blossom profusely!

We can stay safe on the ground but life still throws trouble and worry at us. When you decide to fly - reach for the sky.

Things you think impossible - are possible.

Fly. bloom.

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Decide today to get up and fly once again!.

Author's Bio: 

Jan Miesse is a speaker, mentor, and now, author, with her new breakout book, Bloom Girl Bloom (Real Women with Real Answers). In writing Bloom Girl Bloom, Jan has conversed with women around the world about their aspirations, their hopes and dreams and how they are influenced by life choices and experiences. The book is to inspire you, encourage you and possibly change your life. Sadness, sorrow, life’s issues, joy and hope with humor stand in raw form. May you may identify and share the prevailing empowered attitudes of women through Bloom Girl Bloom. College and studies include: Merchandising, Business, Psychology, Health and Design.

Jan is an astute businesswoman, having owned several businesses and has served on leadership boards of numerous organizations.