We have following flavors of Quality Assurance Trainings available. Choose one that suits you.

Online Training
We here at Training-Specialists.com have designed an online qa training course keeping in mind your convenience.

Who should attend?

If you are getting short on your- schedule but still needs to be updated on the latest ins and outs, this course is surely being designed for you.

Highlight of our online qa training:

1) Live training sessions
Live training sessions will help you feel that you are actually attending our Training class.

2) Virtual environment :
We have created a virtual environment for you, which is no different than the real one.

3) No Question is a dumb question:
“No Question is a dumb question” here at our training session. We provide the facility of Question and Answer session during the training to resolve ambiguity then and there.

4) Hands-on practice:
Also keeping in mind the real hands on practice thing, we transfer the keyboard/mouse control to students during the Qa Training session.

5) Free of cost Tools:
So we provide the tools “free of cost “to our student for them to download and install.

6) 24*7*365 sever-access:
This access to the server is 24*7*365.

7) Affordable fees :
As compared to ROI (Return on investment) of $500 you will be entitled for a gain of $60,000 -$100,000 as salary for starters.

8) Easy Installments:
We have provided a financial relief of installments for you. The Fee although being affordable can still be paid in easy installments.

9) Convenient schedule:
There are two types of schedules.

Weekdays: Two hours (Monday –Friday) Evening classes
Weekends: Four hours (Saturday-Sunday) Morning or afternoon classes

On-site Training

We have our classrooms in New York (NY) and New Jersey (NJ).
Who should attend?
We are available for on-site at the following locations
How can you reach us?
A. New York
B. New Jersey
C. Manhattan

Our Training Professionals can reach you at these locations to provide on-site Trainings

a) Chicago
b) Texas (Dallas , Huston)
c) Virginia

Corporate Training

Who should attend?
It's always been a continuous improvement practice to get your team updated at frequent interval so that the progress of the team is vertical all the way.

How much we charge:
Corporate Training charges vary from client to client and are evaluated on the basis of following factors

a. Number of students
b. Type of Training (On-site , Online )
c. Location of on-site classes

How we reach you:
Our Trainers can reach you anywhere in US and Canada.

Author's Bio: 

We here at training-specialists.com provide an all rounded professional QA Training at an affordable price within a convenient schedule. If you are looking for a Quality Assurance training in New York, New Jersey, Manhattan,Chicago,Dallas you can count 100% on Our institute to prepare you for the corporate challenges ahead.