The piece of cloth worn covering the chest for women is known as Choli in India or a blouse. It is worn in two styles; one is long till the hips and short just above the waist.

Choli is a very old style inculcated in India. Earlier the blouses were simple with round neck and sleeves till elbow and usually a plain cloth used of different colors matching with the saree. The elaborate Cholis were usually the masterpieces of Royal Gharanas of India. They were embellished with intricate designs using precious stones and zari thread. The cloth used for the purpose also was rich in color and texture. Each of the designs was hand embroidered which was only affordable by the Royal families.

The old age styles have seen a drastic transformation bought by the designers. Of course, you can see a huge disparity in the styles, designs and textures of blouses made commonly and those of the designers. Women are boldly wearing them on a day to day basis.

The Choli now has both the modern and contemporary look. You have a wide variety of selection that makes you crazy. You will find short, ¾ or long sleeves in fashion today. Till now the short sleeves were quite in vogue. The long sleeves are back in fashion with netted fabric. The neck lines vary as per the designs.

If you are bold enough, you can choose, off shoulder, choli with straps or strings, single shoulder, halter style very much in fashion now, backless only with strings having mind blowing ethnic dories, back knot blouses and short blouses. All it requires is perfect tailoring techniques to get the perfect look and hype.

Usually the Choli come with heavy embroidery and colorful dories attached to a string behind with an inch of cloth supporting it. To make the look more appealing behind, you can just use golden strings to tie knots or use designed embroidered clamps to the strings to hold or give a zig-zag design with thin embroidered straps. They look elegant and sexy on both lehengas and sarees. Above all, the best part is the use of different material for the Choli. Earlier the blouses were made only using cotton and silk.

But now as mentioned earlier, netted fabric, crepe, velvet and many more are extensively used. They come in colors contrasting with the saree, with intricate designs on them. They look very pretty when worn with a plain saree. The collar style has come back with the celebs that look elegant and formal.

Designer cholis have beads, stones, peals, colored threads, diamonds, patch work, kundan, gotta embroidery, mirrors, etc. Of course, they do come with a heavy price tag that can be bought for special occasions. Now the hand work blouse comes along with the saree which becomes easier to get it stitched. Be assured to wear the choli that suits your body whether long or short.

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