Are There Five Universal Questions For Success?

Homo sapiens are left tongue-tied and brainless under emotional
tsunamis like failure-rejection-defeat (loss of love-occupation-health).

When we most need input from our PreFrontal Cortex, Executive (Top-Down) Brain with reason-logic-meaning – there is Nada – Nothing – Nobody Home.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of worthlessness after a career termination, rejection in school, or the loss of an emotional relationship? We all have.

To avoid Going-Postal or taking the next plane to your Seventy-Two dark-eyed Virgins in paradise – discover how to analyze-synthesize-and-summarize the Pros and Cons and your options.

Wake Up your PreFrontal Cortex (Executive Brain – Top-Down) to plan, decide and choose your next healthy, appropriate behaviors. The sooner-the-better.
How? Ask yourself power questions to inhibit your wild uncontrolled Emotions.

Five Killer Questions – Write/Type The Answers

1. How can I Overcome this?

2. How must I think Differently?

3. What Opportunities am I not seeing?

4. What is an Alternative way of looking at this?

5. What Resources could assist me here?

How do I remember the above five questions?
O.D. (overdose) for Overcome & Differently and O.A.R. (oar in water) for
Opportunities, Alternative and Resources. Baby easy after 2 minutes practice.

Homo sapiens Are Physically And Mentally Driven by Two Life Forces

a) we must pursue pleasure in our relationships, career and experiences.

b) we must avoid pain in our relationships, career and experiences.

“But I Have to Know Why She/He Doesn’t … me anymore.”

“There aint no answer, there aint going to be any answer.
There never has been an answer, and that the answer.”
Gertrude Stein, writer
Stop consulting your Right-Hemisphere (limbic emotional system) for
planning, problem-solving and decision-making – that is the realm of
our Left-Brain. You will only reinforce your feelings (right-hemisphere)
of inadequacy, loss and failure.

Dr. George Santayana

Jorge was a professor who was educated, taught and wrote books at Harvard.
His words have withstood the test of modern times – died in 1952 at 89 years old.
Read and decide if his aphorisms are still relevant to our planet.

1. “Wisdom comes by Disillusionment.” You aint supposed to win ‘em all and never feel emotional pain. You R not a tree – move-on.

2. “Habit is stronger than Reason.”

If at first we don’t succeed – maybe it is time to consider using a
different, smarter strategy.

3. “Only the Dead have seen the end of war.”

4. “Value is judged by the extent to which they facilitate
human happiness (pursuit of pleasure vs. avoidance of pain).”

5. “Those who do Not learn from history are Doomed to
repeat, repeat and repeat it.”


Which of the aforementioned five maxims are most quoted in the Middle East –
by the Palestinians and the Israelis?

Number # 5 is on the tongue and word processors of literate Israelis.
Number # 3 wins the heart and souls of Palestinians. The former thinks of
history as their teacher, while the latter contemplate Death as the ultimate end
of war.

Edwin Schrodinger, German physicist

“The task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what
nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.”

Butterfly Effect

“Small changes lead to massive reactions. Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings
in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” Edward Lorenz, MIT professor.
New Neuroscience

We (fools) seek, quick, simple answers (a-b-c, yes/no, agree/disagree), instead of
using our Prefrontal Cortex to analyze and seek complex answers to tough problems.

Google: Dr. Wendy Suzuki at NYU, Neuron: 2009 – page 920-30.
Secret: Use Trial-And-Error to discover complex Learning solutions.

For Inquiring Minds: trial-outcomes influence new learning by changing our
neurons sensitivity to the Stimuli being learned. The brain remembers your Correct
and Incorrect answers (trial-and-error) and keeps them in Long-Term Memory for
future experience. It is how we “learn-from-experience” – right?

It occurs in our Hippocampus, located in our Medial-Temporal Lobe. Scientists’ call
it Associative Learning (linking new facts & events with old Declarative Memory).

Homo sapiens learn from Listening (lectures and other hot air), Observation (we learn by Imitation as we watch others. Last and best of all for improving our brain
is Trial-And-Error because it creates permanent new neural networks through
active, working experience.

V-A-K = Vision-Auditory-Kinesthetic (touch and feelings).


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