I know how eagerly you desire to start a home based business, preferably online, because to you it seems to be the easiest way to start making that extra income you have been dreaming of forever.

You have seen countless advertisements on the internet about glamorous opportunities to make thousands of dollars overnight. They attract beginners like hot light bulbs in the summer night attract innocent tiny bugs, and they follow the light, jump on the bulb and... burn to death.

Does it sound familiar? You have probably even fall for some of those internet opportunities... Honestly, how much money have you burned on various internet scams? I just really would like you to read this thoroughly and always remember very simple signs that you are being scammed online.

Sign One. If it sounds too good to be true then probably it is.

Sign Two. If it promises you enormous income that you will start getting overnight (in three days or two weeks or anything close to that) which in fact will never happen.

Sign Three. If it tells you that it will be so easy and you will not have to lift a finger for yourself, then decide for yourself how realistic it sounds.

Sign Four. If it does not tell you upfront what exactly the business is, but you at least know the name of the company or individual offering it, please, try to find other sources (internet is the best) to see what kind of company it is and what exactly they do.

Sign Five. If they do not provide contact information, or provide a phone number or email address that are never answered, just forget about it and start looking for something else.

There is plenty of real, honest offers all around the internet. Just be very careful when you start your home based business online and think about selecting the opportunity to follow. It will save you time, money and, even more importantly, your own belief in realistic extra income online that you can start making for yourself and your family.

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Author's Bio: 

James is an online Internet marketing leader, with knowledge in many aspects of digital marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization.