There are a number of foods that are regarded luxurious all over the world and are used from top chefs in luxurious hotel restaurants. Most of them will taste funny to you as you are not used to them, but some are quite delicious. So here is what you should expect.

The first one is of course caviar, raw fish eggs and especially the Beluga caviar from the Caspian Sea. It is simply the most expensive food in the world. Beluga Caviar can range from black to purple, but you should know that the lightest color is the most rare and expensive. It is served on toast and in very small portions. Keep in mind that if you have never tasted caviar before, you might actually not like it.

Another luxurious food is truffles. Truffles are found in regions of Italy and France. They are like mushrooms in terms of being a fungus and have a distinct earthy smell that many people don’t like. Rare white truffles are served in thin slices over other food. In the market you can also find truffle oil.

Saffron is another expensive food item and is a spice. It comes from the crocus flower and is handpicked as the three stigmas and styles are very sensitive. It takes thousands of flowers to form a small amount of saffron. It is actually used to give flavor in foods especially rice and in many Spanish dishes. Saffron can cost a small fortune, will give the food color and tastes bitter with a distinct hay dusty smell.

Now let’s see two of the most expensive soups in the world. The bird’s nest soup and the shark fin soup. The bird nest soup is made from the bird by spitting. The chemicals are dried with the air and form the nest. The nest is melted again while cooking. It is considered as one of the most expensive and rare treats and can also be used in sweets. The shark fin soup is another soup you can expect in luxurious cooking that you might not really like.

And now for the good part. There are many luxurious foods used in cooking that have a unique and marvelous taste. One of them is of course the lobster. Lobsters are rare, but there are a number of similar sea foods that are similar to them. Lobsters live in the bottom of the sand along the coast or in the rocks. They are difficult to be found. Lobsters must be fresh as they are actually boiled alive. The flesh has a distinct flavor and so the dish is usually served alone in order to enjoy the flavor. Lobsters are expensive and are considered a luxurious dish, but are very taste and their taste is similar to seafood you might have tried.

Cocoa, coffee and chocolate are also considered luxurious according to their origin. There are coffees that can cost you a small fortune and for a very small amount. The good thing is that you will have a tasteful experience. These products are actually better if you can consume them in better quality.

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