It’s no secret that Facebook is the largest and most popular social networking site. With over 1 billion users it is by far the best way to connect with clients and potential clients. When you add Facebook as part of your marketing strategy, the opportunities are endless. This is why you should have a strategy for your Facebook business page. Below are five tips to help.

1.) Content-content is the most important part of Facebook marketing. If your content is not good, then people are not going to want to connect with you. When your fans comment on your posts, it will be on their newsfeed. This can lead to more likes and increased visibility.
2.) Interact with fans-One of the biggest mistakes someone can make is to not speak to their fans. People want to know that there are people behind the brand. Let them know that you are human and they are an important part of your success.
3.) Don’t over do it-Studies have shown that when people have a streamline of Facebook statuses, people don’t want to engage. It will overcrowd someone’s newsfeed. Limit your Facebook statuses to about 2-4 status updates day. Less is more.
4.) Be creative-Spice up your page with a variety of content. Your page should not just consist of text. People enjoy a nice mixture of things. There should be photos, videos, text, and links to engage clients and potential clients.
5.) Design-When people view your page, it should be visually appealing. If your page is plain, there is a good chance that people may not stay on your site. You could have the best social media strategy in place; but it’s time and money wasted if few people see it.

Facebook is an outstanding marketing tool. There are so many ways to connect with clients and potential clients in one network. When you have a good strategy behind your page, your business can have a great advantage over others who are not using Facebook properly. If help is needed consider looking into a Publicity Virtual Assistant, who can handle Social Media Marketing, but all of your PR needs as well.

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Nicole Martin is President of Success with Nicole, She is a Publicity Virtual Assistant, specializing in Social Media and Public Relations. Nicole is an experienced professional and is passionate about helping small business owners succeed. Contact her are for all of your PR needs Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.