There are many small things that go into making a great date. Only a few big errors in judgment can make it a horrible experience for both you and your date. Here are five frequent faux pas that men commonly make on first dates and how to avoid them.

Taking About the Ex
This is one of the biggest turn-offs in dating etiquette. Do not…I repeat, DO NOT talk about, mention, or refer in any way to your ex-partner. Nobody wants to hear about how evil, (or especially how good) your ex was. Even if they ask you specifically, politely change the topic of conversation….nothing good can possibly come from it.

Wrong Choices in Attire
You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. This does not necessarily mean you have to wear a coat and tie, or even a jacket. However, shorts, jeans with tennis shoes (especially white ones!), old or wrinkled clothes, and jewelry other than a watch, need to stay in the closet. If you are wearing more jewelry than she is, there’s a problem.

A recent survey by Kelton Research found that 85% of women found a man who dresses well “sexier” than a man with a lot of money. Dressing well does not have to be expensive, it just needs to be classic in style. Dating is hard enough without giving yourself additional challenges…start off in the 85th percentile, it will greatly improve your odds of a second date.

Don’t be a Cheapskate
I know you are not all millionaires, but the gentleman should cover the costs of the first date, period. Your first date together should not be an expensive evening anyway. Even if she asks to split it, do not under any circumstances allow her to pay one red cent. It sets a bad precedent and could make you seem cheap in her eyes….even if you are not.

Gentlemanly Etiquette
You would be surprised how well women respond to a bit of simple pampering through the use of good manners. Open the car door or restaurant door for her, pull her chair out to seat her at the table, stand up when she leaves or returns to the table. These simple endearing gestures will leave a lasting impression on your date, and help you stand out from any potential competition..

Focus on Her
She wants to be the center of your evening, so don’t flirt with the waitress or ogle the woman at another table…no matter how attractive she may be. Nothing is a bigger turn-off to a woman. You will come off as an insensitive (insert adjective) to your date AND to the women you are attempting to flirt with.

First dates can be interesting enough without introducing negatives into the encounter. Follow these five tips and control what you can and let fate take care of the rest. You're certain to be off to a good start.

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