What can chronic prostatitis bring to males? Frequency of urine, urgency, bifurcate urine, urine drop white when defecation, abdominal or groin swelling pain, sexual dysfunction, and so on. It sounds like a common disease, but it has a severe impact on the work and life of patients.

If you have these symptoms, check and treat prostatitis in time. The treatment of chronic prostatitis is mainly drug therapy. Patients need to do a routine prostate fluid examination first. If the examination result is chronic bacterial prostatitis, it is necessary to do a further prostate culture test and choose the more sensitive antibiotics.

If the examination result is chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine will be better, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. At the same time, men need to do a good job of life care. They need to abstain from alcohol, avoid long-term sitting for a long time, control masturbation and sexual life frequency, adhere to warm water sitting baths to help the improvement of chronic prostatitis.

Chronic prostatitis is a common disease in men. Some bad habits in life can easily lead to chronic prostatitis. How many of these habits have you got?

1. To drive or ride for a long time

Keeping sitting still for a long time can slow down the blood circulation in the male pelvic region, leading to prostatic congestion. Office sedentary people and long-distance bus drivers are all high-risk groups. Besides sitting for a long time, cycling for a long time can also form pressure on the prostate. So no matter how busy you are, you need to find an opportunity to get up and take a walk in an hour or two.

2. Suffocation

Many people ignore regular drinking water, drinking less, urination times less. Besides sitting for a long time, the long-distance bus driver also has the habit of holding urine because it is not convenient to go to the toilet. The excessive expansion of the bladder is easily caused by the pressure of urine, which will affect the contraction of the bladder. Long-term urine holding will cause the pressure of the urethra to rise, cause urine reflux, lead to prostatitis or urinary system infection.

In addition, urination is also the process of self-cleaning the urinary system. Therefore, people should develop the habit of regular urination. Office workers should urinate regularly to relax prostate pressure and avoid sitting for a long time. So don't deliberately hold urine.

3. Drink wine or eat spicy food

Drinking wine and eating spicy food for a long time are not conducive to prostate health. Alcohol can accelerate blood circulation and expand blood vessels after entering the human body. Therefore, chronic prostatitis patients should quit alcohol. In addition, the stimulative effects of alcohol and spicy food can lead to the recurrence of chronic prostatitis or aggravation of the disease.

4. Bad sexual habits

Nowadays, there are many temptations in society. Some men have unprotected sex, which may be attacked by pathogenic microorganisms and lead to chronic prostatitis. What is more noteworthy is that after infected with pathogenic microorganisms, patients generally do not attack immediately but experience a period of the asymptomatic incubation period. If they can not take safety measures, the disease may be transmitted to other sexual partners during sex.

In addition, for some men who ignore personal hygiene, if the foreskin or the circumcision is too long, it is difficult to thoroughly clean the perineum, significantly increasing the risk of urinary tract infection.

5. Constipation

The dry stool can deposit in the sigmoid colon or above the rectum for a long time when constipation. This part is just behind the prostate, and the stool will compress the prostate. Chronic prostatitis patients have the symptoms of urine drop white in defecation. That is, in the process of defecation, the stool is just squeezed to the prostate. Therefore, people with long-term constipation will have weak prostate function.

The expert reminds us, although chronic prostatitis is a minor disease, people should also be cautious. When the related symptoms appear, be sure to check and treat them in time.

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