Hey all! I am going to pick this puppy up right where I left off last week, so if you have not already done so, go back and read Part I of this article.
Principle #3 The Principle Of Persistence
This is one of the most universally ignored principles of all time. Why? Because when the going gets tough, the “average among us” abandons ship while raising our white flag! “Oh no,” we say to ourselves, “I thought this whole lifestyle change thing was not going to be so darn hard!” Upon the slightest indication of resistance, we lessen our resolve and typically resort the path of least resistance.
Do you remember the time when you re-set your fitness goals and got on that fad-diet for the 90th time? A surge of excitement and zeal overcame your body as you envisioned what was to be: a hard and sculpted new version of YOU! You saw yourself eating well and feeling fantastic all the while watching your friends and family gushing over your commitment level and your new-found body.
You even made it to the gym for three weeks in a row, although the 3rd week was a little scattered. You were so proud of yourself until IT happened. Yes, that wonderful hour of 5 a.m. With your body firmly snuggled into your comfortable mattress, your wonderland dream starring your “dream body” was rudely interrupted by the sound of your alarm clock. Suddenly, your motivation was challenged. Your vision and desire for your dream body was now clouded and cloaked by your warm sheets. Final Score: Bed: 1 You: 0.
As you well know, my friends, many of us have been in this situation. May I suggest that the next time you set out to change your lifestyle habits, approach it with the understanding that you will face adversity. This is normal, and you should be up for the challenge. Persist my friends! Do NOT lose the battle. Your very lifestyle depends on it! The good news is this: every time you persist through one of your “battles” and win, the next battle will be that much easier. Now YOU are the game changer, and you set the final score!

Principle #4 The Principle Of Priority
The previously mentioned principles become much easier if you can master this one! This one does not need much of an explanation. Simply put, “if you value your doughnut more than your heart, your heart will value your demise more than it values you.” Beyond the duplicitous meaning of this quote, we see the importance of priority. We intrinsically know the value of making health and fitness a priority--it’s just a matter of doing it! Will you have to take some things out of your schedule? Yes! Will you have to sacrifice your TV time? I sure hope so! At the end of the day, you must ask yourself the question, is it worth the effort? I will answer that one for you: YES!
Principle #5 The Principle Of Vision
If I were to ask you right now to describe your vision of your health and fitness, could you answer me honestly, and with detail and precision? What do you see? In other words, what do you look like? What is your weight? Your body fat percentage? How do you feel? Are you in a good mood, or are you one of those moody people who everybody hates to be around? In short, can you tell me the ins and outs of your new life?
I want to ask you a serious question. How can you hit a target that has not been placed? As simple as this concept is, the vast majority of us who seek to change our lifestyles NEVER take the time to create our vision of what that lifestyle will look like and be like. Without vision, you will lack drive. Without vision, you cannot feasibly set goals. Without vision, you cannot reasonably expect to be excited about getting in shape. Without vision, you have no chance to succeed. Period.
I would like to suggest a pre-requisite to obtaining your vision. The pre-requisite is finding your WHY! Why do you want to get in shape? Why do you want to change your eating habits? Is it for you? Is it for your loved ones? Is it for your vitality and your ability to enjoy life? WHAT is it? The only person in this world that can answer this question is you. The point that I wish to make is that you need something that stirs your soul and drags your butt out of bed every single morning. Your WHY can do just that! So do yourself a favor and dig deep: find your WHY!

Well, there you have it, my friends! If you lack in any one of these areas, I can guarantee you a rough and rocky ride to your health and fitness goals. It is time to rise to the occasion. Be honest with yourself. Where do you need improvement? Seek and destroy my friends. You only live life once, so I would strongly suggest getting started today, NOT tomorrow.
Life is good! See you next week!


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Hi I am Griff Neilson owner and Author of FitMent Inifinty, a corporate wellness 12-week program. My passions are Personal Trianing, writing, public speaking and behavior modification.