Are you excited to give your baby solid foods to eat? Would you like to know what solid foods are right for them to eat? Although there are many recommended solid foods that can be given to babies, the food will still depend on how many months your baby is. It is important for you to talk to your baby’s pediatrician or gather credible information on what foods are best given to babies and at what age.

Doctors usually advise giving solid foods at 4 to 6 months. During this period, most babies are already discontented with milk and would want to try a different taste.

If you notice that your baby always wakes up at night and continues to cry even after finishing his milk, then that would possibly mean he’s still hungry and solid food can help satisfy his appetite. Other signs that your baby is ready for solid foods are when he’s drooling when he sees food on the table and if he can already sit straight with assistance.

Fruits, vegetables and whole grain are the recommended baby foods for babies at 4-6 months. These fruits are not only healthy and taste good but also easy to digest and rich in vitamin and minerals that your baby needs.

Avocados are rich in Vitamin A, C and even Calcium while bananas are naturally sweet and contain potassium and other vitamins. You can start giving your baby only less than a teaspoon of banana or avocado then slowly increase it in a month’s time especially when you notice he likes it. Just make sure you don’t give him too much.

Give your baby one kind of food at a time. If you give him banana today, then continue giving him banana for 4 days before trying another food. Through this you will know whether he likes it or not. If he doesn’t like it then try another one.

Parents usually wait for 4 days to a week before giving another food and as a reminder; you should only give your baby fresh and single ingredient foods. That would mean foods that contain only one ingredient. Let’s say if you give him banana, it should be fresh (not overripe) and that you don’t add anything to it. Just mash the banana and feed it to your baby.

Monitor the weight of your child by using a weighing scale for babies or through regular checkup with your pediatrician. If he/she gains weight steadily then that means he/ she is eating enough.

When your baby reaches 7 months, you can prepare chicken recipes that are good for babies. Chicken are rich in protein and vitamins that your baby needs. It is advised to give him the breast part and shred the chicken to tiny pieces and cook it well to avoid indigestion.

Your baby’s tummy is very sensitive and still small thus it is important for you to give him just enough and provide him with the right foods fit for his age.

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