The following article is about the firearms safety training guides to prevent accidental shootings in the range when attending a clay pigeon shooting session.

Using the right gun is one of the vital facts about attending a clay shooting session. It ensures that you’re aiming at the target better in the shooting range. But besides getting the right gun, it’s also a must to handle the gun with proper care. As per the reports from AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare), there were about 338 hospitalised cases of firearm-related injuries during 2013 – 2014 and about 209 deaths during 2012 – 2013. And most of them are from accidental shootings. Hence, as a gun owner, it’s your responsibility to follow firearms safety training guides and ensure the safety of everyone around you. Before you carry your firearm during your visit to the shooting range, be sure that you’re aware of the tips to avoid accidental shootings in the range.

Unintentional shooting can lead to fatal injuries to others and even yourself. But by following the right gun safety rules, you can prevent that from happening.

Wondering how to do that? Let’s discuss that in the following article.

The top 4 firearms safety training rules to avoid accidental shootings in the shooting range

One of the most vital facts about attending a clay shooting session is to be careful about your gun. Using the right gun is a must when shooting clays in the range. But alongside that, you should also be sure that your gun is in a safe condition and doesn’t pose any threat to anyone surrounding you in the range.

Well, here’re the top 4 firearms safety training rules you must follow to avoid accidental shootings,

1. Be sure about the most common risk factors.

One of the biggest firearms safety training rules is to understand the most common situations that can lead to accidental shootings.

Here’s a study performed by David Hemenway and Sara J. Solnick,

• Hunting – 13.8%

• Playing with a loaded firearm – 28.3%

• Not knowing that the gun has been loaded – 17.2%

As per the AIHW reports, males represent about 93% of hospitalised cases leading from firearm-related injuries. The risks are also involved with gun owners with infants or cognitively impaired older adults in their houses.

2. Consider getting trigger locks for your firearm.

When visiting the clay pigeon shooting range, you can invest in trigger guards and/or cable systems to prevent accidental gun shootings. It’s one of the most vital firearms safety training rules about using guns in the shooting range. By inserting the cable through the magazine chamber of the gun, it can prevent unintentional shootings. On the other hand, you can also use trigger guards to block the space housing of the trigger to prevent its use.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol before visiting the shooting range.

One of the most important firearms safety training guides is to never visit a shooting range and use guns when drunk. Data shows about 25% of unintentional shootings occur when the shooter is under the influence of alcohol. Being drunk in the range can increase your chances of impaired mood and/or judgement, leading to violent behaviour and unintentional shootings.

4. Use storage safes to store your gun when it’s not in use.

Another vital firearms safety training guide is to store your firearms in the right way. These days, gun storage safes come in a variety of styles and shapes. The style of the containers ensures limited access to the gun. Most safes come with combined locks so that no one can touch your firearm when not in use.

Are you planning to visit a clay shooting range to hone your clay shooting skills? Be sure that you’re aware of firearms safety training rules. It can help you protect yourself and everyone surrounding you. We hope this article can help you understand that.

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