Trends in Photography change pretty rapidly – much faster than in other areas of fine arts. One of the main reasons behind this rapid change is the evolution of photographic technology, and the change in innovative concepts of those behind the lens. Now that we are in 2021, let us take a dig at the fine arts photography trends of 2021. This will give you a clear assumption of the types of fine arts photography that you are going to come across in the coming days. 


This is one of the best and the most happening trends to have evolved with the turn of the year. The silhouettes are here to stay – they always have been. The most amazing fact is that these silhouettes are always open to interpretation. While you click a silhouette in one way, there are ways in which one can interpret it, thus adding multiple dimensions to the images. Thus, silhouettes are of late regarded as one of the strongest forms of fine arts photography trends of 2021.

Capturing the new normal world

This is another very strong aspect of fine art photography. The outdoor world has changed a lot over the last year or so! The pandemic, the social distancing, and the neo-normal way of leading life have changed the trends of outdoor photography. Hence, the new trend of outdoor photography has been all about capturing this new-look world, with people, maintaining social distancing, carrying out hygienic exercises, and other things that they never practiced in the past. Capturing the neo-normal world has been the newest trend of fine art photos. 

Use of Muted Colour

This is another new trend of fine arts photography that has hit the world of photography and social media has a lot to do with it. Indeed, the professionals who are into fine arts photography have been of late using filters of various types and genres while clicking the images. Particularly, the colour softening techniques that unify the overall image have of late become extremely popular these days. The professionals usually use these filters during the post-production phase as well, to make the effects and the colour of the photos more cohesive. 

Shallow Field Depth

Field Depth is an extremely important aspect of fine arts photography. it gives an impression of how much the photo is in focus. Shallow field depth is the newest trend, which will indicate that the foreground is clear while the entire background is blurry. Thus, this newest trend also helps to put emphasis on the focal point of the image, and communicate the message that the image is portraying. 


Inclusiveness is another new trend that the fine art photographs of late. This is a specific form of abstract photography, which does not carry any definite conclusion. In other words, the photographer will leave some area of skepticism in the form of blurry background or too much light and shade, thus offering an extent of inclusiveness. That means, the photographer leaves an area of uncertainty for the audiences to ascertain. 

Thus you see, these newest trends are all about adding some extra tinge to fine arts photography – something that has already added a difference to the language of fine art photography.

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The author is a fine arts photographer and has been conducting photography tours. The author is also a regular blogger on fine arts photography.