Do you ever feel lost not knowing what it will take for you to become happy? It can happen suddenly, the realization that you have lost your joy.

As women we seem to be busy with our lives, working, running errands, taking care of the family and then we wake up one morning and notice we aren't happy. It can feel like someone just suddenly hit the brakes in the car and we are slammed forward taking our breathe away. Or at least this is what it felt like for me.

I woke up and realized I was not enjoying my life and I really was quite miserable to be around. It took me a while to reconnect with my joyful inner-goddess, but I did! This is what led to me stopping to follow the path of my head and following my heart in my career. And now I ensure that I craft my life in a way that allows for daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly adventures that life my spirit and bring me joy!

If you are just beginning to realize that your "happy" is missing, first know that you are not alone. I can’t tell you how many people experience this exact same feeling. Most of the clients I have worked are often stuck, frustrated, angry and even depressed because they aren’t following their hearts guidance. Which is here whispering to us about how to live a joyfully abundant life.

There are a number of reasons we get off track and stop living life true to our heart. We often become caught up in the day to day mundane tasks and forget to take stock of what is we are truly chasing and what it is that we truly love because we are so busy giving. And maybe we experienced an emotional or physical hardship, maybe our family told us we couldn't, or maybe we feel we don't have the resources necessary to do so. Either way, there is an easy track back!

What I have found personally in my life is that if we are able to discover our true passions, we can live on purpose feeling empowered and find our joy & happiness again!

To begin listening with your heart and tap into your inner-wisdom you should set out to re-explore the things that bring you joy and happiness. Here I have provided a few key questions, these purposeful questions will help you to connect again with your hearts knowing and guidance.

Here they are:

1.) What is important to me in this lifetime?

2.) What makes me feel exuberant joy and lightness?

3.) When do I smile & laugh the most?

4.) What activity(s) do I get lost in and lose track of time doing?

5.) What can I create today, this month and this year, that would bring me happiness, joy and a feeling of fulfillment?

When you begin to explore and allow the things that bring you laughter, joy and follow those things that are important to you, you will begin to bring your joy back, creating a life filled with more happiness & freedom!

Author's Bio: 

Jessica Baker is an Empowerment Coach, Healer and Lifetime Horsewoman. She empowers women and youth to transform their life through the lessons of the horse.It is her passion to assist others to identify their unique gifts & strengths through their life experiences and trauma, understand their emotions, break free of fear and become empowered to live their dreams. Jessica provides workshops, retreats, individual & group coaching and healing experiences with horses. Learn more at