There are many insurance companies now who will not even entertain the idea of offering insurance cover to a teenager, so finding cheap insurance for young drivers is not always an easy task. The reason insurance companies are being so difficult is because of the statistics relating to accidents and young drivers. Lack of experience mixed with peer pressure, speeding, and alcohol does lead to far more accidents than will more experienced and older drivers. More accidents means more claims, which costs the insurers a lot of money, so they either stop insuring youngsters altogether, or they put up the premiums to reflect the increased risk of having to pay out.

The Statistics For Young Driver Accidents

Each year about 3,000 young drivers are seriously injured or killed on UK roads. Of all serious road accident one in five are caused by a driver under the age of 21. One out of every five new drivers will crash their car during their first year of driving. These are the hard facts and are what insurers use to calculate the risk of claims and therefore the cost of premiums. The best way to get cheap insurance and keep it is to drive safely and establish a proven record of being a responsible driver.

How to get Cheap Insurance for Young Drivers

Most insurance companies will give discounts for doing different things to improve your driving skills, because this is generally seen as something that reduced the risk of you being in an accident. Taking a driving course such as Pass Plus can give you a 20 to 30 percent discount on your insurance with some companies. Pass Plus will teach you how to drive under different conditions, so your driving skills will improve by taking this programme. By becoming a better and safer driver you are seen as a reduced risk and safer bet by insurers, so your premiums come down.

You can often get a 10 percent discount on your premium by buying your insurance online. There are a great deal of companies available online that you can get quotes from to try to find the best cheap insurance for young drivers. Some insurance companies will give you a break on your insurance for low mileage, so only drive your car when it is necessary and keep the mileage accurate. Keep a record of the mileage on your vehicle so you can report how many kilometers you drive each year. The lower the kilometers the more the insurance company will reduce your insurance.

Buy a cheap car for your first car and make it a small model vehicle. Cars with big engines will cost more to insure. Any fast and powerful car is more likely to be involved in an accident, and the parts tend to cost more to repair. Insurance companies take motor size, the type of car, the year of the car and the size of the car into consideration when calculating your premiums, so curb your desire for a new sports car and go for something cheap and cheerful.

If you want cheap insurance for young drivers you should avoid doing any modifications to your vehicle. Do not tint the windows or add alloy wheels. Do not do any interior modifications either; such as adding bucket seats. All modifications will increase your insurance, especially modifications to the engine. Modifications make a car more appealing to car thieves. Cars with modification are also more expensive to repair.
Park your car in a garage at night instead of on the street. Insurance companies like to know your vehicle is secure and is protected from thieves.

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