One of the more well-known and popular alternative treatment options or health systems is acupuncture. Around the world, there are acupuncturists offering the treatment that involves putting fine needles into meridians or acupoints as a means of stimulating the body to speed up its own natural healing process. Acupuncture has become integrated into the conventional western medical system in China where both systems complement each other with the aim of returning the patient to full health. Although it is an ancient system it has experienced an ever increasing growth of its popularity in West to combat the ever speed of life and stress that goes along with it..

Popular around the world

Its beginnings are in ancient China whereby it was developed by a process of testing and measuring the effect of using needles to stimulate very specific points and areas to create physical reduction in symptoms. Over time these points and areas of influence were documented, thus the Acupuncture system was born which is still used today to great effect.

It was and still is used to treat a wide range of conditions from Musculo-skeletal pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, period cramps to turning breeched babies.

In ancient China it was one part of a full medical system that makes up Traditional Chinese medicine. The other areas would include herbal medicine, dietary regulation, physical therapy and movement disciplines like Qi Gung and Tai Chi. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the combination of these disciplines and this is why it is seen as a truly holistic system of treatment. With an increased yearning in the west for treatment that is drug free to compliment the western sciences and technology Acupuncture has established itself to fill this role. As a result you can get acupuncture in almost every country in the modern world where millions of people around the globe have embraced it for their wellbeing. Here is a look at finding a practitioner.

Be very discerning as you choose your acupuncturist

If you are looking for acupuncture Dublin based options, then it is a good idea to first do some research. You want to choose an acupuncturist with the correct training who has experience in the field rather than someone who has done a weekend course like dry needling. To make sure you get an acupuncturist that has both you can check on one of the governing bodies to source a therapist for example either the Acupuncture Council of Ireland (ACI)or Traditional Chinese Medicine Council of Ireland (TCMCI) websites for a list of well trained, experienced and professional acupuncturists.

When you have found a top professional, you can be assured that they have the correct training and use best practice in their acupuncture clinic. Examples of this would during your clinical visit would be only using single use sterilized stainless steel needles. Needles being correctly disposed of after use, the therapist washing his/her hands before and after using the needles etc.

Sensation of needling being fully explained understanding that it is normal that there may be bruising in some in some points depending on the acuteness of the symptoms.

To be sure you are attending a reputable acupuncture practitioner. Here are some things to think about.

  1. Ask friends for recommendations - Ask people you know and trust whether they have had acupuncture and who they would recommend. They can answer questions about credentials, cleanliness, professionalism and so on.
  2. Make sure they are trained and certified - Always cross-check that their training is real and that they are licensed to practice. There are various universities and such that offer acupuncture The correct training means you will know you are in safe hands and means your health goals in receiving this complimentary treatment will be easier to attain.
  3. The normal practice in most acupuncture clinics is to have an initial consultation.

This normally involves a discussion of your case history as well as the current symptoms you have sought treatment for and developing a tailored treatment plan specific to your needs. On your first trip to see them you can ask any questions that may put you at ease especially if it is your first time to try acupuncture as a treatment. This will give you a good idea if you and this particular acupuncturist a good fit going forwards.

Typical questions that could be useful when in with a therapist for acupuncture Dublin that may make you feel reassured and confident that you are going to get quality treatment could be as follows:

  • Ask about their training, duration of training, where they studied?
  • Are they affiliated to a governing body?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have experience with the symptom or condition you have come to them with?
  • What can you to expect in terms of sensation needles during and after the session?
  • What are realistic treatment expectations?
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In conclusion if you follow the above steps you can be confident that you will find a professional and competent acupuncturist to help you with your health needs.