Part 1 (the Edge of negativity) 

Truth be told, sadness, grieve, hardship, and negativity is the order of the day.
From the very moment you wake up on a new day, to the close of the  day, there is a likelihood that you would be bombarded with all forms of negativity, from all sorts of places.

With this hype ravaging the society and shaping the consciousness of the entire human race, there is an increase in the level of unhappiness and depression. No one has an immunity to this plague, (even when we pretend). 

Billions of people all over the world murmur deep in their hearts against things around them. They have lost their happiness to jobs, relationships, decisions, sickness, policies, and cumbersome responsibilities. 

People go to work these days with a smile on their faces  and frowns in their hearts. They look forward to days when they can be free to be who they had dreamed of. Most couples only share a common shelter, they are more of flat mates than married people, with only the children as an evidence of the bond of love they once had.

Young people liter the streets and corners of the cities with nothing but eyes filled with unfulfilled visions and hopes with a mixture of fear and disappointment. Most have nothing to do except to embrace drugs, and vices. People are afraid to get old because they fear that the shackles of retirement will shorten the little life they have.

Truly, we live in the age and on the edge of negativity, 
BUT, this is the very reason why we must FIND OUR JOY.

Life in the original state is pure and joyous. Even though it is as if we live in the sea of negativity, there is an ISLAND of joy in the middle. That island bears in it the finest of things  life can offer, it is filled with the true colors of a beautiful living. That island has the greatest treasures life can offer. That island is in YOU.

The reason why you are sad or unhappy is because you accepted what the environment gave you. You allowed people's comments, looks, attitudes, actions, inactions, policies and news to dictate your mood. 

However, the decision to be happy lies in you, I tell you the truth, you can discover this bliss full island. 

But It starts with one step....

(to be continued.....)
FIND YOUR JOY part 2(steps to a fulfilling, happier and joyous life).


Author's Bio: 

Emperor Harvard is, a life coach, business development strategist and the author of extensive books, and articles. He is passionate about the environment and human growth.

He is the publisher of seedtract™