Where can we find marriage seminars?

If you and your partner are on the brink of divorce, you may want to ask the pastor of your church, if he/she knows of a series of family work shops to be held in your area, or find out if there will be marriage seminars hosted at your church.

If you just want to improve your marriage through the biblical principals, there are several Christian family work shops. Talk to your pastor about them as well.

Go on line.

There are several listings for marriage seminars on the web. You can find a variety of marriage seminars, from Christian family work shops, to marriage seminars for those who have lost all hope. These are Christian marriage seminars as well as family work shops held by marriage counselors and other mental health professionals.

There are also those marriage seminars that are for those who just want to get their marriage back on track, or some family work shops take a different approach to help couples deal with the ups and downs of marriage. When you go on line to find these seminars, be sure that you find the right marriage seminars to fit your needs and unique situation.

You may be able to find video family work shops, that are not long, but that give you and your partner exercises to do to improve your marriage.

Downloading materials.

If you plan to attend one of many family work shops, you may want to try to download the materials for the seminar.

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