Personalised photo gifts are often amongst the most gratefully received you’ll ever give. This isn’t because they’re particularly expensive or lavish. In many cases, they’re not. It’s because they meet the old adage about it being ‘the thought that counts’. A gift which you’ve put together using your very own images is one which gives a piece of your personality as well as the gift itself. A photo calendar, for example, may seem like a fairly prosaic gift in its’ own terms, but if you choose to design one based around images which you know will mean a lot to the recipient then it suddenly becomes a heartfelt and precious item.

Personalised photo gifts offer an excellent answer to the conundrum of exactly what to buy when you’re out shopping for Valentines Day gifts. More than almost any other type of gift, this is one which you want to make sure is absolutely perfect. Whether you’re in a long term relationship and just seeking to reaffirm exactly how much your partner means to you, or are hoping to persuade someone to take your friendship to the next level, getting the gift exactly right will be a key to success. The main thing you’ll wish to impress upon the recipient is the amount of thought you’ve put into the gift. At this time of year above all others, it’s not about spending vast sums and making extravagant gestures, it’s a question of taking the time and trouble to think about the other person and what would really make them happy.

Valentines gifts are about making just the right gesture, and personalised photo calendars are just such a gesture. In the past, a photo calendar hanging on a wall would probably be seen as a fairly prosaic item and certainly not the kind of thing that you’d hand over as a token of love and affection. When you design it yourself, using your own photographs, however, the exact opposite is true. Imagine, for example, collecting your favourite photographs from your first twelve months together. You could select one or more of them for each month, and decide exactly how you set them out. It doesn’t end there, however. You could have the calendar printed so that those special dates in your relationship are already highlighted. Things like the day you met, your first kiss, when you moved in together.

Whichever days are special to the two of you could be marked out, making this a deeply romantic as well as still useful item.

It may sound like something which sounds difficult to do, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The technology has developed to the point where the software will do all of the work for you. Simply upload your special selection of romantic photographs and then set about designing your calendar. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never designed anything visual before, since you’ll just be taken through it as a simple step by step process, at the end of which you’ll have a calendar which is absolutely perfect for the person you love. From obvious things like the size and shape, to features such as the layout of images – whether you have one dramatic image per page or a mosaic of smaller photographs – all the way to radical touches such as the fact that the calendar doesn’t have to start in January and can come with important dates pre-printed, everything is in your hands.

Personalised photo gifts are perfect for giving on Valentine’s Day since they contain a reflection of your personality which it simply wouldn’t be possible to find elsewhere. A photo calendar you design yourself isn’t merely a calendar, it’s a heartfelt token of love, and one which will be there as a reminder of the way you feel every single day of the year.

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There is something special about the February month when the young heart throbs for the loving day of Valentine. Valentines Day gifts like a digital photo calendars, photo book or a canvas print will make your valentine feel special and remember for their whole life.