The activities and tasks we have to perform exhaust us and I believe we all been in the case when we can’t wait to go to bed and forget everything about the work, troubles we may confront with. In order to have an excellent night sleep and a beneficial process of refilling with energy, there are a few tips we can think about. These tips are great to those people who have trouble with sleeping, this being the reason why they are dizzy all day long. I hope these will be useful for everybody who is complaining of sleeping problems and each one of us will sleep like a baby eventually!

Tip 1: Make a schedule of going to sleep and getting up and respect that even in weekends. Our organism needs this kind of schedule in order to automatically be able to sleep in the hours you selected.

Tip 2: Avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol in the evening. All these can and actually cause problems during sleeping, especially to those who are already confronting to these kind of issues.

Tip 3: Don’t eat or drink too much before you go to sleep. You can eat 3 hours before you go to sleep a light dinner, like a salad, a pancake, a cupcake; avoid drinking too much before bedtime, since this will make you to wake up various times.

Tip 4: Prepare your bedroom to be cool, comfortable and quiet. These aspects are the necessary and fundamental ones for a good night sleep.

Tip 5: Studies show that exercises have beneficial effect even on sleeping, so introduce a short exercise plan in your daily routine.

Tip 6: Don’t use sleeping pills in every occasion. Try to ignore them and use them only if there is no choice. But probably you should ask a doctor’s opinion if you are in that situation.

Tip 7: Go to bed only when you feel that you are exhausted. If you skip the sleeping schedule one day, it won’t be such a big problem. But if you go to bed and can’t sleep, you will be stressed and that will also prevent you from sleeping.

Tip 8: Use lavender as a decoration plant. This miraculous plant has great effect on good night sleeps due to its scents. You can use lavender natural oil as well, if you don’t like plants.

Tip 9: Take your time and choose wisely when you buy the mattress and the pillows. These have a great influence on your sleeping, so you can spend time on choosing them.

Tip 10: Skip daytime sleeps and even if you feel that you need them, take a 20 minutes nap. After 20 minutes, your mind disconnects and probably you won’t be able to do anything right after you sleep.

A few persons need only one of these advices and their problems are resolved, others need to take into consideration more. The main idea is to resolve it somehow!

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