In life, you cannot go beyond how far you can dream to go.
You cannot go to any destination you cannot picture in your minds eyes.
Anything you cannot perceive or conceive you cannot achieve.

Vision therefore becomes the foundational requirement for every attainment in life, including financial empowerment.
Your altitude in life determines your horizon (perspective, sphere, scope) and your horizon sets the seal to your reach in life.

Genesis 13:14-15 (KJV)
And the Lord said unto Abram, after that Lot was separated from him, Lift up now thine eyes, and look from the place where thou art northward, and southward, and eastward, and westward: [15] For all the land which thou seest, to thee will I give it, and to thy seed for ever.

What is a vision?

A vision is a mental picture of a desired future.
It is the picture of desired destination one dreams of and works towards getting to.

Jeremiah 1:11-12 (KJV)
Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, Jeremiah, what seest thou? And I said, I see a rod of an almond tree. [12] Then said the Lord unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.

Amos 7:7-8 (KJV)
Thus he shewed me: and, behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumbline, with a plumbline in his hand. [8] And the Lord said unto me, Amos, what seest thou? And I said, A plumbline. Then said the Lord, Behold, I will set a plumbline in the midst of my people Israel: I will not again pass by them any more:

Until you can see it with your minds eye, your mind cannot conceive it and the hands cannot pursue it.


1. Why do you want to be financially empowered?
Vision determines the purpose of the financial empowerment one desires.

2. How much of wealth do you want to acquire?
Vision helps fix in your mind the exact amount of money or financial empowerment you desire to achieve.

3. How do you intend to attain the financial empowerment you so desire.
Vision enables you to determine what exactly you want to give in exchange for the money or financial empowerment you desire. “There Is Nothing Like Something for Nothing”

4. At what time do you want to reach your financial dream?
Vision enables you to fix a definite date when you intend to possess the money you desire.

5. What steps do you intend to follow in the pursuit of your financial dream?
Vision enables you to create a definite plan for carrying out your desire for your financial empowerment.

Author's Bio: 

John Kennedy Akotia is a pastor, motivational teacher, author, career coach, training and business development consultant. He speaks regularly at seminars and training programmes. He has a strong passion for People Development and Empowerment both for kingdom and secular- business and leadership exploits. He is a mentor and a source of inspiration to many young people.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Management and is currently a candidate for MPhil in Business Administration (Finance Option)