Filling the need for high quality music at an incredibly affordable price, Asoma Music has released a service which will appeal to spa owners, massage therapists, chiropractors and body-workers of all sorts. ASOMAssageMusic Members will enjoy brand new tracks composed specifically for the healing arts community on an ongoing basis from internationally acclaimed artists. Members enjoy the opportunity to provide feedback, which will enable them to request certain styles and artists.

While there is a plethora of music in this genre available, it is not always easy to find tasteful, well recorded music, produced with sounds and voices known for their healing properties, and composed with an “intention for stimulating the body’s innate capacity for healing and longevity.” ASOMAssageMusic promises to deliver all of this and more each and every month, with more and more tracks to add to your intimate and relaxing environment.

“Clients and staff will thoroughly enjoy this new service as it adds variety to the ambience of any setting without costing the practitioner time spent shopping or a lot of money,” says Asoma Music president and composer Errol Francis.

“We’ve begun partnerships with some of the most well-respected and highly acclaimed recording artists and producers in the “relaxation music” industry,” says Schroeder Nordholt. “It has been an absolute thrill to be in direct contact with so much unbelievable talent from around the world.”

Back to Errol: “Our use of techniques known for their sound healing properties, including conscious composition in certain keys, specific tones and scales, and mathematical rhythmic combinations such as the Golden Ratio, puts us on the map for healing arts practitioners of any discipline, and we hope that the map makes our service easily accessible.”

And the best news: music has been chosen with the therapist in mind. That is, it’s musically pleasing enough to keep him or her from falling asleep!

The idea came in a series of conversations between partners Errol Francis and Schroeder Nordholt, as well as other allies interested in seeing this come to pass. Take their web-programmer for instance, the Incredible Sleepless Robert Niven. He has systematically taken each feature of the service (of which there are many) and said “oh, yeah, I can do that.” Some top programmers have been lucky enough to have a look back there in the nether-regions of the website, and said “Wow – this is incredible!” Robert is poised for the onslaught of other companies wanting to implement this same complicated membership-based e-commerce model.

Music in general has been long known to have certain measurable effects on its listener. Even from its inception, music has always induced altered states of consciousness for its audience – from the tribal gatherings inviting its community to dance into communion with the Creator, to complex classical music which can open the listener to receiving grace and an almost magical power from the Almighty, to jazz, rock + roll and most of the world’s 20th Century popular genres which provide an easy and quick door into a state of both empowerment and escapism, music undeniably changes the mood and energy level of the listener.

Couple that with the onset of quantum mechanics and the commonly-held view that our thoughts affect the world around us, it becomes increasingly clear that music created in a certain frame of mind will induce the same frame of mind in the listener. And so it becomes equally clear that in order to facilitate health and healing, a cunning practitioner will rightly choose music composed and produced with these effects in mind.

The folks at ASOMAssageMusic have gone to great lengths to source some of the finest quality relaxation music available today from around the world. They will be featuring music from Steven Halpern, TRON, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Jim Wilson (Robbie Robertson producer), Peter Davison (longtime GAIAM composer), Relaxation Tunes, Jens Gad (co-producer of Enigma) and many others.

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ASOMAssage Music has done the leg work for massage therapists. They've partnered with some of the finest composers and producers the world over and compiled them in one convenient location where members can download tracks and build their own playlists, without the worry of $1 per track like iTunes and giving them ultimate control over what gets played when, a luxury users of streaming sites like Pandora simply don't get.