A common problem for all shoe lovers is the problem of size. Most shoes come in different sizes and they are simply difficult to resist. You face he worst dilemma if these beautiful shoes come at a discount. So you have the option of buying the oversized shoed or walking away from it. But there is no need for worry with right shoe inserts the shoes can be down sized and perfect for wearing.

Bridge The Shoe Gaps

A god way to bridge the gap in shoes is to use rubber strips. First you must assess how big the shoe really is. Then you have to fix the rubber strip at the back of the shoe and try it on. If the gap is still big, keep applying rubber strips until they fit perfectly. You can also use insoles with the rubber strip or alone. They fit into your shoe easily and the best part is that they provide cushioning to give comfort for feet. You can either get one that covers the entire feet or just the balls of feet.

Uses Of Shoe Inserts

The main reason for the popularity of shoe inserts are that for starters they are light. They do not add weight to the feet and helps in walking. They have a non-sticky surface that does not irritate your feet and leave marks on the shoe. They are easy to use; there is no need for hassle. You must simply insert and use them, with your shoe, unlike rubber strips where you have to keep adjusting. They make big shoes usable by making them comfortable to walk and stand with them. This is a great money saver. You don’t have to regret buying the big shoe and worrying over it. These inserts will help you solve the problem with no great expense.

It will help your posture and prevent you looking a little sloppy with an oversized shoe. It will most certainly help you project a better image. These insoles are good for people who have allergy reactions. They are hypoallergenic and also latex free. They are waterproof and prevent moisture setting in, plus they don’t get soggy and uncomfortable to be used. You can use them again and again without any trouble. you can easily wash them and air dry them and reuse them in a matter of days.

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