Diabetes is a highly prevalent disease across the world, in this condition the blood sugar levels of the patient increases drastically resulting in very less or no production of insulin. The human body needs a consistent supply of insulin and the only way a diabetic person can achieve it is through anti diabetic drugs.

There are a few questions people have in their minds about these medicines that can be a boon to patients if used in moderation.

What are anti diabetic formulations?
Anti diabetic drugs are used to lower the blood sugar levels. Its dosage depends from person to person and varies for individuals based on their age and the type of diabetes they are suffering from.

How are the dosages of these medicines given?
These formulations can either be injected or prescribed for oral consumption. It depends on the type of diabetes the patient has got. In type 1 diabetes insulin is injected.

Can these drugs be taken without advice?
If taken in wrong dosages or without prescription by a medical practitioner, anti diabetic drugs can show severe reactions like skin allergies, vomiting etc. It is thus advised to seek a doctor’s help when consuming these.

How do I check the authenticity of the anti diabetic drugs I buy?
Regulatory bodies like FDA have listed the ingredients and their usage in such drugs. You can get these details over the Internet and check whether the medicines you buy are abiding by the laid norms. In case you are in two minds about the product you can ask your doctor for help. Always purchase products from trusted and well known pharmaceutical manufacturers. These medicines are prescribed for a long duration and thus it is important to make sure are of high standards and quality. You may pay a slightly higher amount for quality medicines rather than repenting later.

Can medicines anti diabetic drugs alone cure diabetes?
Depending solely on medicines for your diabetes cure will not let you achieve what you wish. There has to be a balance between what you eat, exercise along with your medicine dosages. Diabetes can be cured from its roots itself. If the dependency is purely on dosage of these drugs then it can be a sever cause of concern.

Any medicine taken in limits can be good for the body and same is the case with anti diabetic drugs. With years of research and hard work scientists have developed these medicines so that people suffering from diabetes can get a new lease of life. Until the time a person’s blood sugar levels are in control he would not be prescribed such medicines only when the situation is out of control these are required to be taken. If you are diabetic and are using self help techniques then it’s time for you to see your doctor and take the necessary steps.

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