FFL Guide for Beginners

FFL is a license given by the ATF through which you can acquire and sell firearms. That all is not a simple process complete. A person has to pass a rigorous background check while also going through an ATF agent interview. It is not a simple process in which you would have to fill some forms and paperwork and send it for inspection. The person needs to be involved actively in the process since many problems arise along the way. 

What is FFL?

An FFL is a license given so that the person can carry out the manufacturing, selling, and transportation of firearms. There are approximately nine different types of FFL.

How to acquire an FFL?

Getting an FFL might seem easy on paper, but it is incredibly complex in real life. By following FFL Requirements, you can get your FFL;

  • First, you would have to fill out the paperwork with your details and business information.
  • Give your identifying information to the ATF Bureau.
  • Then, you would have to submit state as well as local business permits and licenses.
  • Get a proper location of where you would set up your business.
  • Learn all the rules and regulations of ATF and pass the examination of the Bureau.

Types of FFL

There are nine different types of FFL. You can buy the kind of license which suits you and your business. Once you buy a license, it is easy to switch to another license if your business prospects change.

  • FFL Type 01; this FFL is a generic retail license, and it allows you to be a dealer of firearms. However, through this type, you cannot deal with dangerous guns. You can also deal with these firearms in your home. You do not have to have a retails store for this type of FFL.
  • FFL Type 02; this type of FFL is especially for pawnbrokers.
  • FFL Type 03; in this FFL, you do not have to trade firearms or have a specific weapons business. In this license, you can take guns for your collection as a relic.
  • FFL Type 05; in this license, you can manufacture ammo for firearms, but you cannot make ammo for destructive devices.
  • FFL Type 08; in this FFL, you can import ammunition and firearms, but you cannot get lethal weapons or ammo with this.
  • FFL Type 11; in this type, you can import destructive ammo and firearms.

It would help if you got the FFL that is most compatible with your business. All in all, it is a good thing if you get FFL since you can then legally transport and sell firearms and ammo. This kind of business also gets you a lot of profits if proper investment and planning are made.


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