The world has slowly started open up. Although, staying in lockdown had its own perks for us individuals, however, it had plane negative impacts on the economy of the world. No arguments on that! However, this does not change the fact that COVID-19 infection is exponentially rising worldwide. To be honest, it is a constant fear of going out there, working, and catching this deadly infection gives us chills!

All throughout 2020, we have seen people die. Various international health organizations along with the governments are devising strong measures and implementations in order to make sure that all of us stay safe and healthy. The CDC and NIOSH are the two organizations that strongly recommend the implementation of all the preventive measures, such as using the best standard masks, frequently sanitizing our hands, and washing them with soap and water. Stricter rules are being implemented in order to practice social distancing and stay safe at home unless necessary to go outside.

Being honest with ourselves. Do we really implement these rules in our daily lives? It is really heartbreaking to see the individuals violating all the rules of social distancing and safety measures while the medical professionals and doctors, along with many other people enacting upon for our safety and risking their lives, to help us stay safe and alive, facing the deadly COVID-19 on the forefront on a daily basis.

Over time, people have grown weary of this lifestyle, sitting inside their houses. People can be seen in public places using simple bandanas or pieces of clothing around their mouths. Some wearing homemade cloth mask just for the sake of trend.

We all need to understand the seriousness of this pandemic and what it can cost us. The transmission of this virus cannot be stopped! However, the risk for it can surely be reduced by using the best standard N95 mask along with all the best measures of social distancing.

N95 Mask as we can see is the ultimate key to stay shielded from this COVID infection. Here are a few tips that will make sure that you wear your mask safely when you’re out there in the maximum risk of getting infected.

Practice your personal hygiene before wearing your N95 mask!

Before you wear your mask, it is important that you wash your hands and face thoroughly with a good and effective soap. Make sure that you do not take it off before washing your hands. The best personal hygiene will also involve

An extra tip: if you want to add an extra mile to your efforts, we recommend you maintain your nasal hygiene. This will help you to increase the airflow and create healthy habits and makes it easier to breathe in while wearing a mask.

Make sure the mask fits right!!

Now, this is what we can learn by a natural understanding. As per, a mask that does not fit on your face properly should not be bought or used as it remains equivalent to use not mask at all. Loosely fitted masks cannot offer you protection from the pathogens and bacteria.

Obviously, a loosely fitted mask may lead you to fidget and cause you to touch it. We all are smart enough to know what all types of pathogens can live on the surface of the mask.

Therefore, we suggest you should check the N95 mask completely before purchasing it. Check that the straps of the mask, along with the metal strap that helps the N95 mask to sit properly on your face.

Do not touch your face!

Although this might sound like a no-brainer to many. But people often do not know how much frequently they touch their faces, more than they can even think! Unknowingly, this much frequent touching of your face is not a good idea.

Coming back to wearing masks along with touching your mask. We can only imagine the mess it can create. If anything, you wearing the N95 mask can keep you from touching your subconsciously touching your face.

Hope this article was helpful and well an eye-opener for many that have stopped taking COVID infection seriously! This, in fact, is nice to have a reminder that healthy habits to stay safe from all the potential contaminants!

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